What was your best moment of Year one?

You know cause asking every event isnt enough, what was your best moment this year? fess up?

Giving up on the league and becoming an ork.

Failing that, the battle at the last event. Was awesome!

While its all been brilliant fun and I’ve loved the all battles I think the best moment was the moment when the Imperial Orcs had took down a dracolich in top dramatic style (that really did appear like a tide of iron washing over it) and we got to cast “turn the circle” on it with everyone joining in before it got back up again. It felt great to have the whole nation joining together to show the proof of their worth to the ancestors and the moment had a great energy/community feel to it!

It’s too hard to pick one. Maybe that is the best part of being in the ImpOrcs.

Dougaul: That sounds really brilliant, it’s a shame we didn’t have a chance to have that same fun when we first dropped it in our group. Really wish we had more access to spring ritualists for dealing with contagion corpses and Husk on the field

Simply coming to my first ever Larp event