What's your experiences from the Skirmishes?

I have never really been able to get onto many skirmishes but when I have tried the skirmish is canceled due to numbers or am turned away or other reasons. This is not a winge and a whine.
I want know what you have found or done on these. What are the benefits to going on a skirmish; Money? Fame? Intel? Some benefit to the Empire?
And Lastly, how do you find out about them? How do you prepare for them. I guess if I knew about them in advance I could be there kitted and waiting. Apart from the random runners through camp looking bodies to push through the gate to make up numbers I just don’t hear about them.

Detect magic is your friend! Use detect magic on the Sentinel Gate and you can find out upcoming conjunctions and their destinations.

I’ve been on a few skirmishes and they vary wildly. Some are large party slug fests, others have been 4-man plot dumps.

I’ve also been lucky enough to go on two skirmishes specifically aimed at my group the Suns of Couros: one 40-person mission into Reikos to stop the druj using our chapter regio against Highguard (this was the skirmish where we cursed Reikos with Winter’s Ghosts), and a 4-person mission to our then-abandoned chapter house after Reikos fell.

On the whole I enjoy skirmishes, they add an extra element of action to the weekend.

I’ve been on a few, but mostly find out due to people shouting that they need bodies to go hit stuff wherever. I’ve been on one which was more plotty. The benefits I’ve seen have mostly been hurting the baddies by taking out something important like an undead war rhino, recovering something important like the crown of Wintermark or treating with the Thule.

Detect magic is a great thing to do on the gate but you have to have to be already aware there might be something going on thdre, just naming the region or territory isn’t enough.

Another point is there always seems to be lots of competition slots in skirmishes in Wintermark. But we’re a big nation and it’s to be expected, there’s only so many that can possibly occur and is totally not a criticism

I’m league, and with our camp being on the far side of anvil we tend to be overlooked or it takes too long to get kitted up and there.

I love the skirmishes but sometimes do miss out.
I feel they are a great way to make a name for your character as your part of a smaller unit and therefore have more chance of influencing the plot.

I normally find a winter mark general and just let them know I’m always ready if needed etc

I’ve played recruiter/briefing officer for a few skirmishes and often we have the problem of “insufficient people”. Skirmishes aren’t limited by nation, and last event I ended up hiring a Hakima to go through and do scrying for the Marches.

You could make a name for yourself as hired or volunteer muscle/medic/ritualist/exorcist, but the issue there is making sure you’re both available and able to be found by recruiters. You might do well out of doing a walk of camps asking if there are any people who might have jobs/heroic quests depending on how you’re styling it.

Lastly, there’s always the iron Raptors, which is an explicit “get paid to go on a skirmish” sodality.

I think thats my plan for next event. Im a battlefield surgeon. So I may hang about the hospital for a bit. How do you find out about them ahead of time?