What's your favourite bit of costume?

So what’s the favour bit of costume that you own at the moment? (btw If you need a place to go throw some images up go to Imgur.com and they’ll give you handy links in BBcode for the forum)

This Moroccan Hooded Cloak that I picked up from Romany Robes mostly gets used as NPC kit at Odyssey at the moment. But it is a lovely bit of kit, just wearing it helps me get into character, it’s also great to wrap yourself up to sleep in, in a pinch :slight_smile:.

http://i.imgur.com/kLVsORsl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IGyXsAJl.jpg

Also this set of plate armour from Stephen Lunn at White Rose Apparel. It’s perfect for Highguard and I couldn’t imagine Asher without it at the moment.

I have a sheep skin tunic.

A fake horse hair robe

And a fake wolf skin blanket.

Basically all furs. :slight_smile:

Loving them all!!!

My goat-hair waterskin is most excellent!

Also my Navarr armour … not that it looks so amazing, but it’s the most confortable armour ever :slight_smile:

I love my purple leather and silver scale armour to bits! 2 friends put it together for me and it’s awesome. I try to wear it all the time, even if it’s a bit of a pain to put on, I can’t do it up on my own. :smiley:

Photo on facebook here: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154219668420424


edited to add photo

My new favourite bit of kit, unfortunately it’s leaving my house soon and going on to it’s new owner! It’s robes for Mythlore, although I’m hoping Simon wears them at Odyssey too since they’ve taken so much work…

And the blog posts that are relevant:




This thing. 5 metres of material, god knows how many hours pulling the rags through the loose weave robe, and exactly 100 fetishes.

Not sure how I will ever, EVER use it with another character though :slight_smile:

Couldn’t figure how to link to it, credit is Charlie Moss

My Coppergate Helm


Plus extra photos taken during construction
facebook.com/CodeZombie/med … 040&type=3