What's your favourite magic item?

So what are folks’ favourite magic items?

…also, what are the cheapest and best magic items for combatants, mages and non-combatants?
…are there any items that are not easy to come by that, nonetheless, would be useful to your character?

For a new player who is looking to supply my nation (League), the war effort, and mages of Anvil in general with magical items, which ones are most needed?

Cheers chicos & chicas

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staff of command as a battle mage, i want 4 combat spells, this gives me 3 of them without spending xp or costing too much (like the staff of imperial mastery )

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Okay by far my present favourite is Mendicant’s Cassock I literally have builds based around this item, it pretty much enourages you to do a Liao cermony a day, and this feels fundamentally fun to me.

Green Steel Bracelet gives shield use and is a very good turn most people into half decent combantant item.

If you want Mages and the War effort, picking a realm and taking a ring/mage robe/ritual stave of that realm isn’t a bad call.

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Artisans Oil…

(What, it’s made by artisans, therefore it’s a magic item!)

Some time ago General Gabriel wrote an article for the pledge of the view that every warrior should be carrying a dram of True Vervain: It’s cheap, it’s effective, and when you stagger back to the healer carrying it, they don’t need to worry about whether they’re depleting their own resources.

Same issue with Artisans Oil. It can sit in your pocket all year, but when you need it, you’ll really need it, and then you just need an Artisan and about 30 seconds.

(If you are unfamiliar with this, it costs 1 crown to make 3, and removes a Shatter effect from something).


The Biting Blade is an ace bit of cheap kit for fighters. An extra Cleave is nothing to sniff at, since anyone can use it, so it’s good for everyone with a one-handed weapon. It’s quite possibly the most versatile magical item in the entire game.

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I’d argue Cerulean Mazzarine is more important than True Vervain, to carry. I’d also argue you should have an Elixir Vitae, Ossean Solution, Bloodharrow if you’re fighting Druj, and probably a Sov. Specific for real emergencies.

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These are really useful insights, thanks folks!

…what about the most useful (and affordable) items for new players? Biting Blade is not a steal (orichalcum is expensive), but I can definitely see its usefulness - thanks @Noodle (Alice)!

For fighters I was looking at crafting the Sangine Spear …for polearm users (League/Marchers) as a way to take out lightly armoured foes and enemy mages with the CLEAVE for a hero point …but then I thought, well if you’re a polearm user with WEAPON MASTERY, wouldn’t you spend the 1 XP to have the IMPALE call anyway? …its usefulness as an item seems largely redundant.

I was also looking at the cheap rods as side weapons for mages/battle mages. 1/Day call WEAKNESS or REPEL for no mana. Are these items of any use to mages? …like in an emergency when you’re temporarily out of mana?

The other option is to craft the really expensive items like Staff of Command and even the really expensive mage armours. I am wary that there may not be buyers.

Bear in mind you’re only going to be able to make 3 items a season, even if the entire field throws materials at you (“Artisan found dead under pile of Weltsilver”, page 4 of the Pledge).

I’ve tended to make my basic 7 and 12 material items each season, and some Artisans oil. And sold those for a profit or to buff my group.

I have a large recipie (35 mats) but I’ve never made it. However, having one means that if folk know I CAN make it, (courtesy of the Artisans guild) then they can find me and ask for one, leading to commisions, contracts, and further game.

You’ve got 4 slots, use one for something Ambitious…


Ambitious, well of course :wink:
I already have the ambitious one in mind. It will be useful to me, and should be in demand in many nations.
I wish I had remembered to attend the Artisan’s Guild meeting on Saturday. I was so busy stitching hose before the event, that I forgot to make a schedule. I spent over an hour trying to shift a “Quiet Word” rod (1/day free PARALYSE), but couldn’t find a buyer. This is why I am re-picking my 4 craft items from scratch.

I know which ones I would make for myself, but I have very niche requirements. I’d rather craft for the masses (or a very wealthy patron) and make decent coin, than fixate on my own fancies (Melancholic Staff all the way lol)

In my eyes for fighters, the most useful seem to be the “Free” Items. Warriors plate is a great item that gives a Hit point, although i have since swapped to the Free Light armour. It provides more bleed out and for my unit where we are quite organised, being able to fall back, take a breather and then come back rested and healed rocks. We have had people panicking about some one from our group falling and getting lost behind the orc line for me to saunter up and go " yea hes mine, Dont worry, he’ll bleed like a stuck pig for hours" and set to dressing the line before getting him.

Similar to the Mendicant’s Cassock, I like Phial of the Sun as it turns a resource-powered skill into a 1/day one. It’s not efficient unless you do player events too, but it is cool and will always supply the exact herb you need.

There is a free medium Armour of “do cleave with anything” which is fantastic because it works with any weapon you happen to pick up. Weapons have the trouble of they can be hit with a SHATTER or you might not be carrying them.

Offensive rods are in low demand because if you have Battlemage, you’re probably using a staff. If you do not have Battlemage, you probably want a weapon that gives Extra Mana or a healing spell, since you won’t be getting into fights. The REPEL rod’s not bad though as that is “goodbye, I am running now”

Sungold Basin is cool because it lets you spend liao to do a basic quick heal on a dying PC, so it’s an Instant Medic item that is powered by a relatively cheap resource. I want one.

Circlet of Falling Snow is very cool, I think, and an absolute ‘must’ for some characters since it’s so cheap. Certainly it’s been the most fun and good value item I’ve played with.

The Biting Blade isn’t cheap in general terms, but in comparison to magical items, and the lack of other requirements for use? It certainly is. As said above, material free items can be big and smart, but not usually the weapons- if you’ve got a weapon, you generally know how to use it. An Apprentice’s Blade usually isn’t worth having if you’ve got Hero Points for Unstoppable, for example, because Unstoppable is just so powerful.

My favourite magic item is the Bondring. I’ve not had one, but I would love to have one of a pair.
It’s a shame that my wife-to-be isn’t a fighter.

I am a big fan of the Warmage’s Belt for battlemages - a way to get Unstoppable, which is otherwise a heavy investment of XP, is great for the relatively fragile battlemage role.

I also like the Bond Ring. A useful and fluffy item.

Bond rings are good. I’ve also noticed a lack of people who can make the 0 resource staffs.

My personal favourite magic item is the Chrysalis Pendent because a quick limb fix is a very useful thing to have around. Lots of the other 12-16 resource jewelry items are also very nice (Greensteel bracers, Alderman’s Edge, Troubador’s Ring) although unfortunately no one can use more than one of those at a time.

As said before the biting blade has the advantage that everyone can use it.

For 0 resource items I think the most popular are the wands, circlets of falling snow, medicate’s cassocks and warrior’s plate as mages, priests and heavy armour warriors are the largest markets. Dragon bone symbols are nice but unfortunately more niche in their use so don’t have the same mass appeal.

I think the 0 resource wands have advantages over the free rods and staffs because they offer utility spells where the wand can just be used to cast that spell behind the lines with. When the staffs and the rods that mostly provide combat spells have more limited markets as it needs someone who both wants that combat spell and is using that weapon time.

To concur about the Rods thing, the Mazzarine Spindle I carry that lets me cast Restore Limb is incredibly useful on the battlefield. Anything that gives you a skill for 0xp cost is going to be handy I think.