Where is the seedy underbelly of Anvil?


The trick with this is you need a critical mass of folks willing to play this kind of game but who also “know the rules” IC so they don’t bring the law down on everyone’s heads.

I reckon the League is a good place to give it a go and if you make it entertaining enough you’ll hopefully draw people in from other nations too.


An informal dueling league with a loose code of conduct starting in the League and spreading to the more boisterous members of other nations could totally happen. Build up some lore around it, maybe some kind of trophy system or secret society-ness to it, and people will want to get involved with it.


If you want to start a fight, just remember that Grendel attacked Sarvos at E3 and a bunch of mercenaries went to defeat them. If your house / farm / business (or one belonging to a friend or lover) just outside Sarvos was one of the ones the Grendel burned, you might want to be angry that they took so long to get there.

Maybe you know that they got there in time, but you want to RP that some damage was blamed on collateral damage and you blame the League party for fighting carelessly. It could just be an insurance scam and someone needs to pretend that the mercenaries damaged their property.

Grab a bunch of friends, then start a fight with the Crimson Reapers and see if you can’t get a feud started.

The first rule of duel club is: you do not talk about duel club.


The second rule of duel club, bring a friend to duel


I have been challenged to go to dawn and make claims in public that you are all vainglorious cowards.
Also if I can try and make this a bit more visible more people will pick up on it.
My only worry is people will take the prodding to heart and take it OoC.

I think an organised duel club wont work. They can get out of hand and OoC I don’t want to have to police it. Something more impromptu would be better. Ill have to think on it for the winter down time and see what I can do.


Kind of what happened with Senate Knife Club…


The case in point. Something more akin to randomly accosting people with a weapon at their hip would be more flavourful and visible. Thinking of Bravas(?) in Game of Thrones.


Braavos? That city on a lagoon / island where they have a stranglehold on banking and a big statue astride the entrance to their main port? Lots of quarrelsome rogues ready to fight at the drop of a hat?

Not sure Empire has anything like that…