Where is the seedy underbelly of Anvil?

And from what I can see it doesn’t exist. I know a couple pockets (The houdagen camp in the league) But there are stressingly few places where people are nothing but polite and courteous over spilt beer.
So I propose: The BBC.
The Bar Brawl Championships or The Bawdy Bravos Challenge or The Boisterous Braggart’s Comeuppance (Fun with Acronyms).

A slightly tongue in cheek, partially OOC enterprise (To stop things getting too out of hand and help keep the jibes strictly IC) to allow us to promote more shouting bravos, random swaggering, impromptu fights and bonding in a heap afterwards. Bravos are able to play a hot-headed, overblown, cock-sure façade due to the fact we are the best fighters (“Yea I said it, what you gonna do about it!”).

With the inclusion of sword scholars and general wintermark hero’s and examples this could spread to other nations allowing us to blow of some steam with friendly Haranguing and Heckling, Debate and Duelling, Fighting and… Fighting!

I guess the question, Is this a thing we want to see more of in the League and Empire as a whole?


This could be fun, specially as it will bring a more… gutteral tone to anvil. It was my first event last event, and everybody IC and OC where so nice and polite. This was great as a first event, but its not really… real? I know its not real, its all pretend. But cities do have seedy places. Bars which only the brave or the stupid visit. Places where you get anything you want… at the right price.

It would be nice to get somebody in the hospital missing a finger because of a bar brawl. Or IC somebody who has drank too much and have a traumatic wound for alcohol poisoning. Maybe even removing a bottle of wintermark mead from somebody… after an “incident”.

As a Draugir Kallavesi Healing Mystic, this reeks of stupidity, pointless frivolity and an unnecessary risk to health.

As a player who likes the idea of something to add a bit more RP spice. Sign me up! (as long as other nations are welcome to “disaprove”)

The thing about Anvil is it only exists for a short time 4 times a year, and generally the people who come here are the ‘great and good’, so there’s less time for seedy areas to ‘ferment’. Historically the ‘bad side of town’ requires a little time to build up.

There have been some dodgy places in the past (senate knife club, the Greenshields tavern/assassins guild) but they’ve been shut down either OC (knife club) or IC (Greenshields).

I get what you mean about fighting, etc. I guess it’s down to people being on ‘best behaviour’ on their trip to Anvil.

Having an area where such things are encouraged is a little meta, as the Militia would probably try to shut it down pretty quickly as public disorder is a crime. However from an OC point of view it would be good fun.

Maybe something more akin to the Dawn glory square, but less glorious? Duelling club? With a side of match fixing and underworld dealing?

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could there not be a place where they put a sales of items that are a ban. as the empire is heading into debt it is likely that some items may become a lot harder to find. well anyway, it would be a fun thing to do.

I’m very much against the idea of making a specific area for duelling. For the reasons @thresher says.
What I want to try and due is have a more “adversarial” element. Yes anvil only exists for a short amount of time, but its the biggest gathering in the empire. There should be more cultural misunderstandings, bragging and racism… towards orcs and lineaged (I understand this is a touchy subject OC but its written in to the briefs IC). Its a part of their brief, they are seen as little more than barbarians and the only time some one would normaly see an orc is either at anvil, or the barbarians come a knocking. And this means the orcs loose out. The cambions don’t get called “spiral horned schemers”, the briars are not shouted as being “Lacking Flair” ect ect. I guess we are all a bit too polite.
mm maybe I’m going far. All I wanted is to be able to play the gobby bravo and get called out on it.
@kalacia this is the whole point. To make time in anvil more interesting. Give the militia more things to worry about. Let the hospital have to work on a broken jaw while the young steiner mumbles “How bad the other one was” ect ect.


In that case, play the gobby bravo! Be the pebble that starts the landslide!

Also, if you want casual lineagism, come to Highguard! Where you can be told “It’s not your fault, it’s just in your blood” :smiley:

As much as I agree with you on the conflict, some briefs are specifically not to make those kind of problems. The Freeborn are on the whole not racist, bragging is seen as crass, and they laugh at the idea of people trying to shame them or insult them.


Of course, but it would be fun to try. Hence more chances at cultural misunderstandings.

I think there is a specific exemption there for Bravos and maybe some other specific archetypes; there’s a cultural assumption that neither side will get the militia involved when two bravos fight, perhaps a slight suggestion that nobody saw anything when an over-enthusiastic mountebank gets worked over; if nobody dies, nobody talks, the watch grumble and go back to solving crimes where the victim wants it solving.

On the other hand, attack a cicisbeo or a bishop in broad daylight and there will be an investigation.


I mean, you could solve a few of these at once.
-Twilight Masquerade into Briar.
-Come and insult some Talbots.
-Refuse to leave.
Lineageism and fights likely to result ;). The Marches has a habit of Not Seeing brawls, forceful bouncings etc.

You could also come to Dawn and accuse folk of being cowardly traitors to the Empire who talk big and do little.

That will get you a duel in the Glory Square pretty quickly, I suspect. You have a physic on hand, yes? :slight_smile:

If you let me watch that exchange and resulting duel, I will offer you physick for free.

Can i be that physik…

Oh dear god. I am so doing this at E4. I shall aim to see how long I can keep this going.
I think ive got some taunts that could go down well.
I can see the train wreck coming now. Only issue is, I’m probably gonna get rolled hard. But that’s half the fun.

I have to offer this out, but is anyone else willing to create their own tale of gobbi’ness?

Im sure Fenkyr can look down his nose at the pointless bravado and eeeeendless ego. Waiting to say “i told you so” with a coldness only a draugir can manage. All the while stitching up wounds made by a glass bottle being shoved into places it should not.

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I look forward to the day.

if you wanted a fight you could go to brass coast and not pay for something. that would be fun to see

Na, I don’t want to make such obvious trouble. If I can keep it to something the militia can’t involve them selves/ or something that is not blatantly unvirtuous. I am going to try and be the most virtuous obnoxious, odious person I can be.

Wait, how did this go from me generally rabble rousing to signing my self to go to each camp be loud and arrogant and get duelled every 5 mins.

In short it doesn’t really exist currently. I recall Y’basden treehouse at the old site was renowned for being dodgy, the iron raptors, the green shields bar, Senate knife club… all now gone for various reasons. Which means there is a space that needs filling… Fancy running a dodgy IC bar? A cutthroat band of bravos? Your own gambling den? All would fill a much needed requirement!


Each nation have the potential for more seedy element to it, some are more overt than others depending on where you’re looking. However each of these are through their cultural lenses. It’s a shame that IC these are not more overt and celebrated.

One of my favourite archetypes in game is the Maggot. There are Mountebanks, Guiser and Mummers that certainly represent the seedier elements of those societies

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