Where the Thule at?

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Just a quick one, I saw nothing in the Almanac about the Thule and as my background involves them, I was wandering whats going on with them at the moment??
I struggle to navigate the Wiki for recent history things.

Many thanks in advanced

You are correct, they are noticably absent from the Almanac. No doubt they are up to something…

I don’t know what they were up to last event, but I believe this Wind of Fortune is their most recent appearance on the wiki…



Not a great deal that the Empire is aware of - we’re still at peace with them, and whilst they helped us conquer Ossium from the Druj, they’ve built a fort in the bit they control and maintain armed forces there. They also finished a fort in the bit of Skarsind they control.

There have been some kerfuffles over the past year - an alleged murder, conflicts over ownership of Sungold Pass, and trades for slaves - but overall there isn’t much to report as we haven’t been trying to kill each other!


Some the Empire has recently had a period where the Green Mother has been meddling with the Vallorn within our borders. Recently as a collection of Vallorn cultists have struck out causing even more Vallorn activity. And now something has happened in Skuld, which just happens to have a Vallorn, so it is quite likely that the Thule are having Vallorn issues of their own.

Other than that we have extended the peace treaty that we have with them. (I believe the event before last.)

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Personally I assumed that because we’re now at peace with the Thule, the almanac didn’t mention them because in all likelihood they weren’t doing anything too relevant or threatening to the Empire - but now that everyone else has pointed it out, it’s probably more likely that they’re doing something very sneaky that escaped our notice :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you look in the Recent History section of the wiki all the recent Winds of Fortune have an Orc Affairs section, like in this one for Summer 382YE which have details on what we know about the Thule.

In fact there’s a category for them here which has all of them :slight_smile:.

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A quick run down of what I remember off the top of my off the top off my head so be mindful I might be a bit off. It is also Varushkan focused sorry.

So last year with the treaty we signed with them we are get back a fair number of slaves and getting back I mean the Senate is buying them. They are also helping us against the Druj along their border and around Varushka and and helping defend the new territory of Ossium. The down side of that is they have build forts in Ossium and Karsk, Varsushkan territories. They are also pissed about the Liberty Pact but pleased with the Northern Trade Network linking them to Skarsind, Hercynia, Karov and Temeschwar.

Overall from my chats with the Ambassador last season things with them are as stable as we can get them at the moment. However expect to be saying “curse your sudden and yet inevitable betrayal” some time in the future.


Thank you all so much for this. I’m interested because myself and my friend are slaves that were taken captive at Treji but managed to escape. So we have quite a hatred of the Thule. This is all so helpfull.

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The main things to remember then are that the Thule have ransomed back almost all of the Imperial slaves they took now (all except for some Wintermark runesmiths), so any escape would have to have been before that.

One option you might not have considered is that you could have literally just got back to the Empire after those ransom payments (the timing is perfect) rather than escaping, which still works pretty well with that background.


Both of us had escaped before the ransom payments. My friend a while before as she has already been to an event and myself literally just before the freeing of the slaves. He would have been freed if he had not managed to escape.

You are clearly a much nicer person than me; I would see this as an amazing opportunity to play a character who didn’t escape and whose friend had gotten away without me. Then, post-ransom, I could turn up to Anvil and be angry at them. :slight_smile:
Either way, it is a nice detail in the background for you folks to have picked up on and I hope it gets you some good motivation and things to be involved in on the field. Lots of being conflicted about the Thule!


Hehehe. Thanks so much for all your help. I’m so excited to get to my first event in April.

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I hope you enjoy it, chief! The Empire community really is amazing, especially if you have a friendly nation to support you, and Wintermark is so big I’ve no doubt you’ll find plenty of friends.

I have definetly found this to be such an amazingly supportive and lovely community. I’m actually in Navarr :wink: Wintermark was my other choice but have friends in Navarr

Oh gosh, sorry, I don’t know how I managed to get the impression you were Wintermark then - double checking the thread it literally doesn’t say that anywhere so I must have made a pretty whack assumption :stuck_out_tongue:

Still though, Navarr is pretty much about as big as Wintermark, so what I said stands! You should be able to find a friendly lot, and personally every time I’ve interacted with the Navarri they’ve seemed to have some really interesting stuff going on!


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