Where to get tents?

Not related to the Wintermark costume, regarding tents for larping any suggestions where is a good place to get them?

Depends. Do you want a good OOC tent, a canvas bell tent, some other sort of suitable IC tent? New or second hand? Just for you or for friends as well?

I would advise, for your first event or so, camping out-of-character. This will reduce the amount of organisation needed.

Assuming camping arrangements are similar to last year, Dawn and Wintermark share an OOC field near their IC field, so it’s not as if you’d need to go far either.

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Canvas bell tent is what we are looking for, got about 8 people coming all first timers and in the same hall so just trying to get an idea of what we would need

A 5m bell will sleep 4 comfortably with a bit of space not to fall over each other. New that’s about £500 a go, plus you need to think about storage and transport (you’ll get 2 in an estate car boot but not alot else) and somewhere to dry it, and you’ll need set dressing - at least some sheets to cover beds during the day so it can be used as an IC space.
You can sometimes get them second hand for about £300 but I expect with no glamping and festivals this year there won’t be a lot of second hand stock this autumn.

An 8 man OOC camping tent will cost you about £400. A couple of 4 or 6 man plastic tents (not the cheap festival ones from the supermarket) will set you back about £200-250 each but be easier to use if not everyone can make it each time. Weigh less, take a touch longer to put up, but can be dried over a washing line at a pinch and will store in the bottom of your wardrobe.

You could also purchase a cotton canvas tarp and 4 poles and put up a shelter with one side touching the ground for during the day, which will give you shade and rain cover, and will be easy to store, dry and transport.

If you’re an experienced camper and looking at a bell tent as an investment then go for it, but if this is your first larp and first camping it might be easier to stick to easy mode on the tent to start!

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Think I need to chat with the guys to see if they want to camp in ooc zone or not, most of us have previously camped before and setting up tents is fine but never with so many people.

Bell tent sounds awesome tbf don’t mind the investment if I do the event often (super looking forward to it :joy:) would prefer to stay in character for most of it, usually dm in dungeons and dragons So used to it

It’s not 24 hr time in.

Your sleeping space is considered OOC pretty much, if the zip is down the tent is considered out of bounds anyway. Once zipped in you’re fine to use head torches, check your phone and get in your normal PJ’s. Timeout is 1am and time in not until 10am the following day so you pretty much sleep as you anyway - modern kit is fine, and nipping to the loo in your PJ’s and wellies is fine too, although I would suggest throwing your cloak over it for the warmth sometimes!

The real main benefit to having your sleeping tent IC is if you plan on using it during the day as your group space, or you have personal requirements for time out space or kids who might need a break while still in the area.
That’s why I suggested the tarp on poles. It’s a much more useful open space where you can get more people in, and do things where they can be seen and interacted with, or watch the world go by and hopefully get more involved with the game without having to move too much if that suits.

I guess if money were no object a straight sided marquee or army garage would be the best option for group IC space, but they’re usually a bit drafty to sleep in, so you would also need separate sleeping tents still.


Thanks that’s been super useful, I thought it was 24hr so that changes it a bit for us if we can have an area to chill with and rest, I will have a little look into some of the suggestion you have given but the tarp and poles sounds like a good idea

If you want to sleep 8, you could consider a Emperor Bell tent - around £750. They have a nice amount of central IC space for when it is cold and wet. You could complement this with an awning and fire pit at the front.

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Hmm, I really disliked having only an OOC tent. Walking around all day in character in full kit is tiring. I like to have a place to stash my stuff and escape from the cold and people. You can use a friend’s tent for that, but not just an awning. The OOC field is a 10 min walk from Anvil centre, unless you get a prime pitch. That’s a 20min round trip to get a jumper, or pick up something you forgot.

Not that you can’t have fun at Empire without an IC tent, but in my opinion it is so helpful to have a safe space for your group to use.

Note also - a closed tent is safe from IC theft - stuff left under an awning is not.

Valid points batmage. Having somewhere IC, even if just a corner of a tent to stash stuff, is very handy.

Luckily if he’s in Wintermark, he’s got a 2 minute walk from IC to OOC camps. Still a way to Anvil centre though.

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Sneaky trick with the awning, buy a box, wood or solid plastic, store your stuff clean and dry in that, throw a cloth, rug or fur over it, and you’ve now got yourself a seat too.


I slept ooc 1st event, it was a bit of a mission to get back to the IC area, my 3 man tent wasn’t really a great space to get changed into, and I was a 10 minute walk away from snacks and a chill out space. I camped IC for the last 3 events, closer to the action and I enjoyed having some time out space close to hand and the room to spread my kit out a bit more. That being said it was 75% more noisy in the night and further away from facilities. Weigh up the pros and cons. Sleeping OC having a group space IC is probably the best idea imho, until you find your feet. Then make the decision to go all in Ic camping. I now have ear plugs and have found that getting wasted drowns out the noise of the Brass Coast next door… :slight_smile:

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You might consider one of these:
Group-tents https://www.sued-west.com/ausruestung/zelte/gruppenzelte/
Old-time tents for larp https://www.sued-west.com/ausruestung/zelte/altertum/
I’ve something very like this: https://www.sued-west.com/marken/sued-west/400/rundzelt-alex-180?number=16107_00&c=832
and when I was choosing I was tempted by this “Fairy-tale tent” https://www.sued-west.com/marken/sued-west/532/maerchenzelt-4-x-4-m?number=18512_00&c=682