Who wants a song?

I haven’t done this for a long while, but it’s always good to keep the ideas flowing.

I’m looking to write a new song. I’m currently playing in Highguard, so it’ll be in the Highborn style. But what should it be about?

Pick a topic/item/person from the wiki which you think would benefit from being sung about. The more obscure or personal to you the better. If I can, I will write a song about it!

(I make no promises when the muse will strike, but if you make a post here I will try to aim my focus in that direction).

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I’ve made a story of the First Empress coming to Dawn to add add it to the Empire…

Is there a song of her progress around the nations? Or heck, just that Dawnish story from the Highborn POV?

Highguard History, you say? :thinking:

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A cautious tale of making deals with Eternals that ends up with you breaking mirrors…

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The problems of Highguard laundry, keeping your whites white, your blacks black and your jewel tones un muddied. Probably with a whinge about anvil mud in there somewhere. :slight_smile: