Why are you not at Empire and what are you doing instead?

And so, far away, in a series of fields, our friends and frenemies are getting ready for E4.

And you’re here.


I mean, I’m assuming you’d LIKE to be at Empire. It’s not as bad as E1, where the weather quite legitimately puts people off. Why are you not at Empire?

Too expensive? Too close to term time? Other commitments?

And given that a substantial section of your friends may well be incommunicado for a few days, what are you spending this weekend doing?

Sunbathing? Relaxing knowing you DON’T have to worry about Senate/Conclave/the singing/the skirmish? Doing those antisocial things that you don’t feel you should do when your friends are about?

By all means, tell me about it. Heck, tell the rest of us about it…

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Myself, I’m expecting our second child on Tuesday. And therefore I’m spending this weekend doing lots of last minute preparations for a different kind of adventure…

…I’m going to need more wet wipes… :slight_smile:


Burning, freezing, sleeping and generally all of those things you do when you are not well. I am currently massively overcaffeinated from my attempt at working (the original reason I was not there; couldn’t get the time off) or I would be doing these right now.

Running a 10k at Kew Gardens in benefit of Mind with some folks from work.

This was going to be my first Empire…and then reality and pre-booked events intruded. (that and my usual ride is only at Empire today and tomorrow 'cause they’re off to postgrad this weekend as well)

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I’m teaching historical fencing in Glasgow this weekend.

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