Wiki information in a book?

Hi, me and my boyfriend are planning to come to the winter solstice and this will be our first time LARPing. We have been reading through a lot of the Wiki but as people have said there is indeed a lot of information. I find it easier to read things in front of me rather than off a screen and I was wondering if there are any books available to get in relation to Empire? Just thought I’d check before I go printing.

Welcome along Patsy (and boyfriend), to the game and the forums :slight_smile:

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a hard-copy guide to everything*, unless someone still has the initial pack from the game start-up (which was pretty basic, and mostly pointed to the wiki anyway)

Of course, you don’t need everything on the wiki. You’re fine with your national brief, a few notes on your particular character “class”, and any of the more complex skills your have.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the Winds of War when they get published online before the next event, as those are the “Latest News!” which is usually relevant to many characters.

I can reccomend the personal journal approach. For this, get hold of a small book (A6 size is good), decorate it according to your nation and group, and scribble in that stuff you need to know (how rituals work, names of your town/province/nation, your recipies, and maybe a quick timeline of relevant stuff). This gives you an IC book that you can consult in game, and add to as needed. It’s quite common and entirely appropriate.

Out of interest, do you (plural) have a nation/group/character concept yet?

*There IS a Book of the Empire, which is a large hard-copy self-published tome sold in-game. It’s functionally all of the wiki and background material as an encyclopedia. I have no idea how to get hold of one.

There’s also a couple of smaller books available in the Anvil Library. These are both with information from the wiki and some other books with other information.

@staccato123 has very helpfully created a downloadable wiki in a number of formats. Getting the entire thing on a kindle or similar device would suit your needs. It was last updated June last year so also have a look at the wiki updates page to see what has changed recently.

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Oh and please don’t think you have to know everything!!

The basics of the brief for your nation, the basics of the religion, and the calls and uses for your skill picks are really all you need to ‘know’.

If a mage or priest you may want to note down the details for your rituals/rites, but carrying them in a notebook to intone from absolutely adds to your roleplay.

The same for artisan or apothecary recipes.

Everything else you can ask about IC, or look up in the library (actual printed books, some from the wiki, some of it in game info written up by various player characters), or if you need a definite and absolute check looked at on site on the player computers in GOD.

Thanks, still deciding but looking at Wintermark and perhaps Kallevasi, although other half is debating politics so this may change. I am still deciding on what I want to go into which is why I am wanting to read more :slight_smile:

You talk to members of the House of Seven Mirrors (the house the Empress belongs to); they print it.

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I’ve just updated the downloadable wiki files. It’s possible (as I’ve moved house and the machine I have monitoring the wiki changes was therefore offline for a while in September) that there’s some missing updates; I’d appreciate a nudge if anyone notices any, or any other errors.


there is a copy of ‘The Book of the Empire’ at the academy library if you need to check anything out, also many other IC texts on all aspects of the game. history culture warfare, many IC publications have donated copies in the academy

.mobi (for Kindle) and PDF versions updated to 2018-04-19 (so include the Winds of Fortune)

( Index of /empire )

ePub to follow shortly.