Wintermark in chapters?

Good morrow! I am a new to empire (but not new to LARP) and I’m going to attend ‘Empire Autumn Equinox 2021’. I am still in my character creation process and have a basic character down that I am creating a costume for. He is a Changling and he doesn’t have a set name yet (any ideas would be appreciated!).

I am drawn to Wintermark and I’m not sure why. So I would like my character to be Wintermark. HOWEVER I am going and staying at Empire with my friend and their chapter. And I’m not sure if you can be Wintermark and in a chapter. So my question is; can you be Wintermark and in a chapter? Are chapters only for a certain nation?

Thank you for any replies :slight_smile:

The way the game is set up nations are set up to do things as a nation. So as a wintermarker you couldn’t join in with Highguard politics, magic etc. You need to do those with your Wintermark siblings, as the egregore bond will mean you have different opinions and beliefs of how the world works.

However if for OOC logistics reasons you’re sharing tents with a Highborn that’s fine, just expect to spend most of your day chasing other bits of plot and not spending much of your awake time in Highguard.


Thank you! I will be spending most of my day with my Wintermark siblings! The situation is just kind of weird as we are camping in the IC site, but I’ll try and think of a reason for me being there!

Thank you for the quick reply!

If you’re only there to sleep you don’t need a reason. Most people won’t see you IC in the tent!

Cross nation friends are absolutely fine, so you could have met them on previous travels, stayed over in their chapter house, met them on the battlefield, or even be doing something like a pilgrimage or trading trip and met them on the road.


Thank you! You are very helpful!!