Wintermark Mage Armour

Looks like this would be the place to assk!

I am also hoping to become a battle mage on the field at the next meet; though my character is a Naga Kallavesi Mystic. To that end I thought that making Mage Armor out of Snake Skin (faux snake skin or faux leather with scaling effects) would work best? With the right coloring and runes I hoped it would look like armor but also unique enough to not be mistaken for real armor… Iss that right?

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Short answer: Yes

Long answer: The only way I can imagine that not coming off as mage armour is if you made the mistake of covering too much of your body with it, or it’s too form fitting and the same colour as your scales. If you stick to the areas that mage armour is suggested to cover you should be completely fine.

As a fellow Wintermarker I must point out that basically you are standing in the middle of the league market asking about fur and skin.
I have observed them wearing much finery and silk and pure cotton and what not.

But yes. Instead of showing your money on your clothes (no offence to the glory of the league) skins and furs will suit a kallavasi mystic.

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That’ll work nicely; you don’t even need to go that far, a lot of perfectly good mage armour sets are leather with runes. It’s a bit context-dependent; some components that could be armour if paired with a full breastplate and so on are perfectly good mage armour when paired with a circlet and hero belt.

So faux snakeskin would be Super Cool if you can make it work, combining some Night stylings with the Kallavesi animal imagery, but if you find it ends up not practical to get that done you could go for something like leather hero belt and bracers with character-appropriate runes, and a headdress with Appropriate Animal Imagery (and probably more runes, you’re from Wintermark and can justify RUNES EEEEEEEEEVERYWHERE).

Runes always sounds fun and definitely add much to the styling of the armor or weapons, especially if done well.
I know that much of the armor in this game is made with real iron, steel, and leather, but how would people feel if I had some armor made out of foam (much like the foam for the weapons), reinforced and covered with faux snakeskin? Or would that not be allowed?

Mage armour is explicitly allowed to be made from any real world material. As long as it looks IC, I’d say knock yourself out with whatever materials you like! Mind you, foam is often not a great choice because of the wear it suffers over time and the difficulty of repairing it, but it can also offer some great potentials for shaping a look.

Cool, thanks, I’ll think about it! I understand that foam will take quite a beating and could crack and so on if improperly treated, but I think buying leather armor only to cover it in yet more leather would be a little redundant. But I’ll see how it goes! :slight_smile: