Wish and other discount sites

Hi with getting together an image for what I would like my character to look like I found that the infamous app wish had a fair few costume items on sale for some utterly disgraceful looking discounts.
I know the store has a bit of a stigma behind it in regards to quality assurance (or getting what you ordered assurance) wondering if anyone else has come across this and could tell me if it’s good to go on the discounts or should I invest in what looks like the same items but sold on larp specific sites?

Wish, from what I’ve heard, does good stuff, which falls to pieces if worn for other than light cosplay. IE, after one event of rough-and-tumble larping… If you’re fine with that, go for it.

You CAN buy stuff from the larp-specific sites (I assume you’ve seen the list of traders on the wiki?), but personally, I’d show up to the event a little early with a wadge of cash, and buy there.

There is a LOT of stuff available from the traders, and you get a better feel for it when you can actually, well, feel it, and try it on.


I have had a few cheap accessories from Wish, but I wouldn’t trust them for clothing. If the other sites are identical pictures but merely cheaper, it might be worth a punt on Wish, no point in paying more for the same quality. If they look similar, the LRP sites are probably the original stuff that the Wish manufacturers are copying for cheaper/lower quality.

I’ve had some lovely shoes from one Wish purchase (although I only wear them at indoor player events), and another pair of boots that were so far away from my size they were unwearable (but I did get a refund). So overall, it’s a bit hit and miss.

It’s unlikely to be kit you will wear for more than an event or two, so in terms of cost effectiveness they aren’t great. However, if you are new to the hobby and trying things out it can be a cheap way of getting a viable costume together while you find your feet.


I have used wish in the past and it’s hit and miss. I have got some real bargains, I have had some amazing scams and I have had about one-in-four turn up months late or not at all.

Never trust photos or the word ‘official’ for a start; the pictures are lies 90% of the time, stolen from another site. That said, even Amazon is not immune to that, but at least Amazon drop-shippers hide a ‘photos for reference only’ disclaimer somewhere.

The good: I have got costume rings for the League, leather cord and even a tool-roll for my medical stuff for really good prices. The seal I use with sealing wax came from Wish and was identical to the photo. The sizes for rings were a little off, I don’t know if the leather is from a cow, the seal was merely glued onto the handle, but nothing was ‘fall apart’ bad, just suspect.

The bad: I recommend never ordering electrical stuff or clothing. Actually, I have ordered clothing, but only to disassemble when I want to learn how it was put together. Any ‘leather’ is thin and floppy (no matter that the photo looks like 5mm+ leather) and I have never seen a wish garment with the same fabric shown in the photo. Loose threads, seams where the layers are not even attached, and sizing which does even match their supplied charts are normal.

It’s a risk and there are times when you can take the risk because nobody will look too closely, but be prepared to learn the true answer to ‘how badly can they mess up X?’


I’m vehemently against Wish as they often use images taken (without permission) from legitimate costume designers and then mass-produce poor-quality knockoffs of those designs.

I’ve never bought from them myself, but friends who have seem to have had a universally bad experience.

My opinion is you pay for what you get. I’d rather make an investment in kit than keep replacing it every event. Plus you support legitimate designers, rather than sweatshops.


Yeah, I admit I’ve not used Wish for a while as it felt ethically weird to buy something for next to nothing and have it shipped half way across the world. I haven’t had to build a new costume from scratch for a very long time though, so I can understand the draw.

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Wish is a marketplace, it doesn’t make its own stuff. You are buying stuff that you’d otherwise see on Alibaba, cheap Ebay importers, or Etsy resellers posing as crafters. Expect the same quality, but with even less customer support.

This is going to make little difference if you are buying costume parts like buttons, beads, etc. It appears to be OK for mass-produced accessories designed for cosplay, or low-quality “tacticool” stuff to add texture to scifi larp costumes as you’d be getting them from the same traders probably anyway.

For anything I might actually want to send back if it was not as described, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10’ bargepole. My cheap larp clothing comes from 2nd hand, occasionally the Mytholon sales. They’re cheap and sometimes naff, but you will actually get what you pay for in general.


Its cheap because its imitation.
Despite what the description says:
It wont be leather it will be PU, it wont be wool or cotton it will be a man made polyester. If you are lucky enough to get cotton it will be see through and flimsy.
Clothing is generally 2 sizes smaller i.e a large is small / medium.

Trinkets are generally ok but will be reproductions and copies from other sellers.

If you are happy for it to last an event ir are making cheap monstering kit its ok. If you want stuff to last, you need to invest or look for second hand imho.