Woodcut-Style Images of Empire Things Wanted


I’d like to obtain some pieces of digital art for use in an Empire IC document. Specifically, it’s the Encyclopaedia Imperialys Or, A Landskeepers Compendium, and I’m looking for medieval or renaissance woodcut style illustrations, of anything you would want to see in such a book, but first and foremost:
[ul]] strange creatures (Heralds one might meet in Anvil, Pookha-in-the-Brambles, Boggarts, Trogoni, Marshwalkers, Feni, …) for recognition by image /:m]] Exemplars (Good Walder, Bolstering Wilhelmina, Joshua Benson and maybe for future use Henry Talbot) for the Religious feel /:m]] Things Marcher, including those not found in Anvil (menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs, High Courage, Maidenstone, markets, monasteries, Sentinel towers, etc.) /:m][/ul]

If you have a good way for it, feel free to semi-automatically convert appropriate photos (where permitted by the photo’s license).

I’d appreciate images being reusable (eg. CC-BY-SA like the wiki), and I don’t think this should be free, so while I can’t pay much, I want to still pay at least some commission fee, which can be IC or OOC. IC or IC-looking-OOC attribution is gladly given within the book.



This sounds awesome!



The Bodleian Library in Oxford have done a short colouring book of woodcuts from their collection, there’s a link to the PDF here:

bodleian.ox.ac.uk/bodley/get … d-projects



publicdomainreview.org/collectio … =chapbooks both appear to have a lot of images - as far as I could tell from the project pages, they’re public domain.

(nb: some may be not quite safe for work.)



I know some of those sources, but thanks for linking them here, there’s always more out there! (Among others, I have already made some use of “The History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents”, including editing a horse head on a cow’s body for the image for “Horse (reconstruction)”)
The reason I’m asking for the specific things mentioned above is either because I don’t expect finding them in existing real renaissance woodcuts, or because I want some input on how other people imagine a Marcher monastery to look like, instead of taking my small mental image sample and running with it.



Thought that might be the case - it’s the Empire-specific stuff that’s the hardest to find appropriate versions of. I like the idea of the horse reconstruction. :smiley:

I’m considering trawling through the Yale University Library’s catalogue for woodcuts, but there’s an awful lot there.

If I end up using and adapting out-of-copyright woodcut art for Empire, I’ll try to make sure to catalogue/tag it myself and hopefully link it to people here.



I’m presently down at my Aunt’s on a break, and so having the chance to do some art.

Have presently almost finished a Landskeeper confronting a Trogoni, and since I’m reasonably happy with that I’m going to have a go of at least a marshwalker.

I’m not going to pretend it’s the most authentic, but I have been trying to keep to the style, although this is my first attempt playing around with the style.