Would a Fez be on brief for Brass Coast headwear?

Just wondering what other headwear than the tagglemust would be on brief for Brass Coast?

A Fez came to mind as its from a similar real world area as where the tagglemust is popular (I think), but also wondering if there was any other suggestions?

It’s not on the ‘please don’t’ list (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/The_Brass_Coast_look_and_feel#Less_Appropriate), but the tagelmust is such a strong iconic piece of Freeborn kit that I would want to do that wherever possible. :slight_smile:

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I concur, it’s not the recommended headgear, it’s not something they specifically ask you not to but it’s also not something that I think has been seen on the field. So you won’t look as Freeborn as others who are wearing it. So I’d recommend sitting down over winter with some “how to tie a taglemust” videos and learning how :slight_smile:.


Is one of the traditional ways of wearing it with a headscarf? Also I would say (as with anything that is brief adjacent) why do you wear a Fez IC? If the IC reason is good enough (and people will ask what that is) then I say go for it. Stuff like this is great at broadening briefs.

Not sure if its relevant but the fez is a surprisingly modern headwear.

Also the Kalpak could be a good start for a colder clime in the brass coast. (Would also look good for Vurushka too)

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Thanks for all your replies.

I’m not apposed to wearing a tagglemust, just curious if any other types of headwear would fit in as the freeborn like to stand out after all :wink: