Writing and Performing Plays


So, when I attend an event (still waiting until I can!), I plan to have a few copies of a play or two, something that’s made to be performed by a troupe (if I show up with a group, we’ll be a troupe, and if not, I’d be happy to gift copies of the scripts to any League playhouses who’d be interested in putting on shows).

I’m currently working on two short plays, one focusing on the effects of the before and after of a battle on a small League guild, featuring romance, loss, friendship, et cetera, and the second a sort of open-ended murder mystery.


  • Where are plays performed? Is there a sort of stage? Open-air “theatre” in front of people? In a big tent?
  • How many troupes are there in the League?
  • Would people be interested in seeing these plays?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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The League has at least one theatre that usually brings a large tent where performances are held, as far as I’m aware. I think they’re relatively happy to loan its use to others, but obviously they’d be the final word on that.

For non-Leaguish plays, I’ve seen two (well, seen one and performed in one) done by the Varushkan hearth fire, one performed in the Senate building while it wasn’t otherwise occupied, and one performed under a Freeborn group’s own awning arrangement.

Logistically, these have run the gamut. The ones by the Varushkan hearth were done there because a crowd would be there anyway, but still announced ahead of time in case anyone wanted to make sure they saw it. The one performed in the senate building had been specifically commissioned, so the audience was the commissioning group and their friends. The Freeborn group were specifically known for that play (among others, I believe), and performed it by arrangement to paying parties.


There is a theatre - If you get in touch with the Gilded Horn Carta in League (please make yourselves known!), one of their members - Philly - Runs a theatre.
I’m not 100% if it’s on every event due to all sorts of stuff (Tent availability, person availability etc), but from what I understand you sign up with her, and get a slot allocated for your performance.

Brass Coast is good for that too, although they usually travel around and do their plays in group tents (With permission, of course) and even get straight up booked for parties and get commissions. A well known group in Brass Coast for plays are House Taziel - They also have more… risque plays too (Eunuch-corn, anyone)

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