Writing Bard Songs and poems


Hey! I’m planning on attending my first LARP event pretty soon!
I have decided to play a bard adventurer in the nation of Dawn and was wondering how I could write some bard songs. I have a few folky songs that I would sing, stuff like “If I needed you”, “lovers eyes” and “Thistle and Weed”.

I was wondering if any other people have ideas for songs, I can’t sing very high or too low - mainly why I’m planning on singing a lot of Mumford songs (the stable tone, more yelling than high pitch singing). I’ve planned my character to carry around a leather book, to take notes for poems and songs whilst walking on the battlefield after a battle or around anvil.

So Any Ideas?



May I point you to https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Music and https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Dawn_music, which should give you a basis for the Dawnish music brief and some ideas for some core repertoire for you. :slight_smile:



thanks, I have been debating something…
I love the look of the briars and love the idea that they are shunned by society to the point where I want to play one. The only problem is that the wiki states they are primal and physical and are “slow”, this doesn’t fit my character too well but I had come up with a good plan for my character. Do you think I would still be able to play a briar with this character?



Each nation has it’s own musical tradition, some examples linked from the wiki above, but plenty more in the field. Navarr song and story time in the woods is open to all in the evenings, but most fires will welcome a singer, and be happy for you to join in, sing something of your own or make notes about theirs. Some people have also printed up songsheets, pamphlets or booklets, usually for a couple of rings (IC money - everyone gets at least 18 in your player pack). Please do wander around Anvil and follow your ears!



Don’t think Briar’s are ‘slow’. They tend to be some of the more energetic characters on the field, quick to action and bouncy. Think Tigger more than anything!



Yeah, I’ve seen they are energetic but it seems they have a almost primal and violent air to them. If I tell you my character plan, it’s something my character would be keeping a secret in-game so I don’t know if you want to know? @CharlieP



Can’t say I’m an authority on them, or any lineage I’m afraid, since I play a very human centric Highborn who is fairly lineagist!

Can I suggest if you do FB this group, specifically looking at how to phys rep and roleplay Briars, who can probably give you more knowledgeable help.

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cheers, will have a look! Love the fact it’s called Lineagist -that’s brilliant



While I’m no expert on lineage, I dont think it is required for you to play any of the mental characteristics for a lineage (though it is encouraged). It is my understanding that you are only required to have at least one of the physical traits so that you can be identified as lineaged (usually the iconic trait)

So, you could play a sleepy pacifist who just happens to have bark patches. Or a sleepy pacifist with ALL the other physical traits.



Ok thanks! I was planning on trying to hide my bark patches under a bandage on my characters forearm or hand, as if he was ashamed of his barkscars. Also do you guys think an African Drum is an ok instrument to be playing as a Dawnish Bard?



I’ve actually recently written a piece of music for a briar to sing. It is in the style of a hymn and so far it just has a chorus and a verse but I’m going to add some more verses soon. I’m happy to let you use it if you credit my character as having helped written it. It is looking at being shunned and things like that, I can give you more details if you are interested.

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I would but my character is trying to hide that he is a Briar, maybe when people find out he can perform it. I would like to know more about it though. Sounds cool!

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As a briar performer myself, I can tell you that we are perfectly suited to lives of adventure and song. There’s an international group of bards starting up that you might want to look into, I believe we’re meeting in the League next event? It’ll probably be posted in the hub and it’s something to ask around about. If you want to meet a fellow poet I’ll be the one in the red kirtle with bells on my sleeves. We’ll soon have those bandages off you.

Briars -can- be primal and violent, but all lineages are at risk of falling into their own sorts of madness. The draughir become paranoid, the merrow withdrawn, and we briar can get tired of the stringent rules of society and end up a bit feral. Most of us are lovely though.

When it comes to music and other forms of entertainment, the general stance is that an imperfect fit is better than nothing at all. People are generally just happy to have something to listen to and won’t mind if for instance your drum isn’t perfectly on brief for Dawn.

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If you start from a viewpoint of Briars as “energetic and reckless” and also “ostracised”; you might like to take this on a narrative journey towards “sod this, I’m joining the circus”. It’s not a hard narrative to imagine. There may even be accents of trusting someone, and them discovering your patches, if you fancy side notes of tragic love.



That would be a good story plan!!! I would love for that to happen. My character was sort of raised by anti-lineage parents and was born a briar, his parents didn’t know he was of lineage though. As a younger teen, he cut his arm on a saw blade and over time the bark skin replaced it. He told his parents it was a bad wound he would have to keep bandaged for life and hid the fact he was a briar from them. This suppression of his lineage carries on to his young adult years.



I play in Dawn, and as a (yeoman) storyteller with a few songs (and a lot of stories) I use a djembe drum.

My character bought it off a trader, it’s originally from the Sarcophan Delves. He has no idea what the animals on the side are, likely some legend :slight_smile:

I’ll challenge you to a sing-off if I see you, shall I? :stuck_out_tongue:

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