You favourite Empire songs

What are your favourite songs from the various music traditions of the Empire?

(If you’re new to the game, yes, each nation has its own aspirational musical brief just like it has a costume brief).

This is really really my thing so I’ve got a bit carried away below (sorry/not sorry) but which songs have you sung at Empire that you love? What do you think really carries the spirit of your nation?

I’ve played characters in four nations so I only really know songs from those, but I have soft spots for:

This one appears in both the Freeborn and Highborn musical briefs as that lovely sweet spot where one musical brief springs from the other (the Freeborn brief has roots in the Highborn one but developed separately once the Sisters left and founded their own nation). It’s religious, it’s bouncy and it’s fun.
A proper bit of Highborn plainsong which I love very much and sing whenever I get the opportunity (not as often as I’d like!). A quiet endorsement of the status quo and the smug sense of duty to defending The Way against heresy.
All Come Listen is best sung in a bathhouse in a round (Stream All Come Listen by Laura Hoskison | Listen online for free on SoundCloud). Obviously this is difficult to achieve at Anvil but having done it once at a real bathhouse in Harrogate last year I can attest it’s glorious. It’s still pretty good in a field. Pairs up well with Stream By The Waters Of Catazar by Laura Hoskison | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I filked this original Shapenote tune and it’s straight out of the brief: robust and fun and I’m pretty proud of it. At the end of the day, there’s no place like home. Stream Chalcis Yonder by Laura Hoskison | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Sir Isobel is a valiant knight, and this never fails to cheer me up when I break it out. :slight_smile: So happy and trips along and Dawnish to the core.
Dawnish heartbreak. I tweaked it from the original because who would ask to be forgotten when one could be remembered in all of one’s glory!

Brass Coast's_Dream is a Freeborn standard and even has a proper dance that can be taught on the field by the dancing bard herself (for a small fee!).

Stream Lictor Song by Laura Hoskison | Listen online for free on SoundCloud Sing it in a round, quietly and with a lot of energy. It’s creepy and brilliant.

Stream Give Him A Gale by Laura Hoskison | Listen online for free on SoundCloud has the energy I love about the Coast, you can practically see the boat skipping through the waves. Up there with as two of my favourites about the sea. remains one of the songs closest to my heart and I’ll sing it at any time I’m feeling sad and lonely and lost. It’s gorgeous.

Varushka Just… yeeaaaahhhh, all dark and Varushkan and I love it. as well for solidarity.'s_Lesson This reminds me, I need to get this song out of my Varushkan song book and start singing this again. A delight to perform and amusing to listen to. Has the oom paas in it and you can’t help be caught up in the enthusiasm of it. isn’t just a great Empire song, the original is great too and I sing it every year come Hallowe’en.

Everywhere else is my favourite ‘generic Empire standard’. I sing a slightly different version (so sorry if that causes any confusion on the field) but but it’s a solid hymn for anyone to get their teeth into.

Stream Virtue Be My Wings Four Parts by Laura Hoskison | Listen online for free on SoundCloud is a very gentle filk of a modern folk song and speaks powerfully about being a refugee coming home. It was written by Renata about both the Seguran and Reikos refugees, but applies to most of the nations. We have all lost greatly in the history of our Empire.

Stream Good Cake by Laura Hoskison | Listen online for free on SoundCloud The Cake Song went down very well before Renata died, and I still sing it now as a easy-to-join-in fireside song, same as Stream We'll Sing Our Cares Away by Laura Hoskison | Listen online for free on SoundCloud.


I remember hearing a song when I was around a brass coast fire. It was something about being part of a crew who had fallen apart because the captain was terrible. I can’t remember what it was called but it was good fun joining in.

I’ve personally sung the wild rover around the Navarr camp fire. I thought people would join in during the chorus, especially because there was clapping involved. Strangely none of them did. Even so, I enjoyed doing it and it is one of my favourite songs to sing that is appropriate for empire (with modification)

I also was looking into writing a few songs for empire. The first one managed to finish and I tried out during a league competition but I got so nervous that I forgot most of the words. I was sort of supposed to be a one of song because if you knew the punch line then it ruined it. The music also didn’t really fit with my nation but the words did. The second one I just have the words. It has nothing to do with my nation but I like what I have. I was thinking of maybe becoming a bard to make a bit of money but I’m not sure.

Urizen has had the great luck to have a brilliant Bard and General in Nicassia and as such have some great songs.

A few Highlights among many:
The Black Plateau- - A Brilliant marching song.

The Stargazer’s Song-’s_Song - a haunting tune.

The Ritual on the Black Plateau- -a recounting of a turning point in Urizen’s recent History.

Urizen Memorial Song- - haunting for our lost.

The Comical Dreamer- - Because Urizen are better than you at everything, including innuendo.


Navarr: Jamie wake fields On the Wall

THE song as far as empire goes by the guy who created the navarr musical brief. infarct anything of his soundcloud

is solid gold and works as and awesome jumping board into several other empire attending musicians.

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My favourites off the archive:

From Dawn:'s_Glory's_Not_Mine

From Highguard:

“March of Cambreadth” (which I knew well before it popped up in Empire)

And of course, the Imperial Battle Hymn :slight_smile:

Another favourite that I liked, but am unsure who claims it: “Feed the Raven, feed the Crow!” which is a wonderfully murderous song.

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Urizen/Phoenix Reach songs: The Black Plateau song, Pride Soldier Pride, Xeno’s Rest by Nicassia, I Found The Reach, Steel & Wine and Wine More Wine by Ioseph.
Others: On the Black Plateau by Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra is awesome, Folk of Navarr (not sure if Idwyn Splitroot filked it but it’s squiffily euphoric) at Song & Story Time, there’s another one called (I think) Ghosts of the Labyrinth by Idwyn that was used for the Highguard part of the Anvil soundscapes YouTube video, I can’t get that one out of my head.

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That Comical Dreamer Song…

I’ve never seen a piece of music with a greater love affair for sexual innuendos. I’m going to print out those lyrics and bring them onto the field in the back of my Big Priestly Book full of all the stuff I might otherwise forget.

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I can only think of one traditional League song; it’s about a certain ring, a ‘bane of fighting men’, and I am not sure it’s suitable for these forums…

Enoch and Levi, every time. It’s even been ages since anyone asked us which one was the woman. :smiley:


I really like Enoch and Levi too. In fact, you have reminded me that I promised to go to Adina’s Charge and share the extra verses that I wrote for it. E2! I’ll try to remember to do the thing!


I hope somebody does a remake of ABBA’s “The Name of the Game” and plays it in Anvil. Or, even better, a remake of “Staying Alive” played by a bard on the sidelines during a skirmish.

That’s the sort of thing we filk and sing on Thursday nights: funny enough that we enjoy singing them but off-brief enough that we don’t sing it in character. We have an entire forbidden songbook that only comes out on Thursdays.

And yes, the Druj are the worst orcs.

  • The speeded-up version of Bringing In the Sheaves. The one you can dance wildly to!
  • The Marcher Battle Song.
  • The Chamber of Delights.
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Ooooh. Extra verses you say? Colour me intrigued…

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Firebird - Much requested at House Taziel in Brass Coast :smiley:

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