Your first LARP costume

So a random comment elsewhere on the net started me sorting through my archives for one of my very first LARP costumes at Omega, consisting of combat boots, second hand black combats and a fur coat with the arms cut off. And it doesn’t actually look that bad looking back :slight_smile:

So what did you all look like in your first bit of kit :slight_smile:.

My first character was a Schaffen avian at Maelstrom - black linen skirt out of my wardrobe, wench blouse in muslin from a pattern cribbed off the internet, a lovely blue linen bodice made by Rosemary…

…and a bird mask decorated with roadkill. Yes, really. My new boyfriend (also a larper) had heard me bemoaning the difficulty of sourcing loose feathers in natural colours and spotted a newly deceased cock pheasant by the side of the road. He even plucked it for me.

It was the second present he ever gave me. We’ve been married for three years now.


All of it made by me and worn from the start of Cambridge Treasure Trap ten years ago- by the time that photo was taken the jerkin had torn and been mended a couple of times, but it was still the original kit.

Our standards for “leaving OC kit lying around the IC area” have definitely gone up since then…

My character pic from my first ever Maelstrom which was my first ever festival LARP :slight_smile:

Empire is my first larp

Two fake fur blankets cut to shape.

I’m so big they have been lent out as blankets since making them. One for someone to sleep in and one to help dry someone off last spring. It swamped him but he got dry and warm.

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Annoyingly I can’t find anything that isn’t a group photo (and I haven’t got permission to share) apart from this one, which was a a couple of years into the game (Maelstrom):

It was a brown dress that I covered liberally in layers of leather scraps, with a sort of hippy t-shirt and trouser combo underneath. I miss the simplicity of just slathering my face in brown snazz…

Photo from White City Larp (Oxford Uni system) back in 2003ish… Tunic made by my mother for a robin hood costume when i was 11 but made big so it still fitted ten years after that, fake leather long waistcoat made by me. Borrowed belt pouch and swords. I think I still have both the tunic and waistcoat in my wardrobe somewhere…

You guys still look good. Just goes to show what a little digging can do.

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Linen shirt and trousers I had around. I wore a leather sleeveless coat from the CUTT armoury over it for my first PC, this was me as an NPC in the same kit.

My first costume that I owned was this shirt and a pair of cheap pleather boot tops. I borrowed a belt and belt pouch, sword and shield from the university society’s armoury, and also borrowed a cloak which served as a thing to sleep on as well (ah, inexperience with camping…).

My first LRP costume was a blue/white robe with matching scarf, belt and hair cover, and a brown cloak. I borrowed a sewing machine and made them after my very 1st lrp event where I wore a borrowed tabard over plain trousers and top. This was a very, very long time ago, note the gaffa tape weapons and blotches of dye on them and the other party members… There was always the dread as you spun around for the ref during the battle board as you hoped you hadn’t missed any blows. :smiley: