2018 Camp layout planning

Once again Kat is organising a camp plan, backed by PD.
Please tell her about any IC tents etc. that you intend to bring to the upcoming event, by updating the 2018 E1 list at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wY63WT6v0neHrRndrJEqqSNK11R-x73Iu7fRwTRC9dQ/edit#gid=1824848407

(Note that the “day of arrival” column is optional, but the columns marked “PLEASE COMPLETE” are essential.)

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Here is the layout (subject to change)

Oops, it has changed to this:

and the key to tents:

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Updated: see above.

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2018 E2 is approaching. Time to update the planning spreadsheet again (same one as last time) for us all to update with our IC tents.
For convenience, here’s the link again:

This time it’s being organised by someone who goes by the name of Andrew and says, “I need this to be done at the latest by midnight on the 8th June!”

And here’s the layout for 2018 E2:

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