A poem of anvil


I have written a short poem about what it is like to come to anvil OOC. I hope you enjoy it.

You could say that anvil’s a land that’s a drift
For those who want more, well, this place is a gift
It takes things that differ and seals the rift
Our clothes cost too much or else we must show thrift

The weak can be strong and the strong can be weak
This place is for you if delight’s what you seek
With chances to learn, you can listen and speak
Just don’t use the toilet I think it may leak

Sit round the fire and brace from the cold
Forget you are ill or you’re tired or old
Stride out the next morning, for battle, so bold
And if the ref stops you then do as you’re told

So friend, come and join us, don’t feel so forlorn
For once you step in, then your story is born
Make merry and dance from the coast to the dawn
But get a head ache when you wake in the morn

And though you’ll be muddy and though you’ll be wet
And though there are things that you’re sure to forget
You may shed a tear, you may bleed, you may sweat
But this is a thing that you’ll never regret

I think I should make a few disclaimers. The toilets aren’t as leaky as I may have made them out to be. I think I have seen the floor a bit wet a few times but that was probably from people’s clothes and hands. The things I have found to be most temperamental are the showers but last event they were fine. The PD crew do an excellent job and it would be unfair if I made it seem otherwise.

I also want mention that some people’s clothes are fairly priced. I don’t want people thinking that you either get super expensive clothes or you have to wear very cheap clothes, as I have implied, because this is not the case. There has been a lot of effort put into lots of the costumes, either by the wearer, a friend/family member of the wearer or someone they have bought it from.

Finally, I would like to say that though empire is a lot of fun, I cannot guarantee you won’t regret a few things. I know I’ve done things I have regretted, mostly to do with singing. Thank you for your time.


nice :clap:


Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed.


Interesting. Not so much for the IC town as for the OOC tent-city and the game we play…

I like the last verse in particular :slight_smile:


I’m pleased to hear you liked it. I thought it would be best for the forums instead of the field due to it being OOC. Thank you.


I did this a while back. It is, functionally, a music video advert for Empire…


I always love coming up with very cinematic scenes in my head. I remember not long ago coming up with the ending of a 40k film with the space marines charging out to a battle hymn. I wrote the words down somewhere but I can’t remember them.

If I personally were to make a trailer for the empire, I might make one for each nation. I think for the brass coast I would have an upbeat and jolly one with people dancing around a fire, sharpening swords and someone inviting you in, of course if you can pay.

For Varushka I would probably have a letter being read out over a scene of monsters stalking through a camp and some soliders preparing to repel the attack.

Other than that, I would have to think about it.

Thank you for sharing, it was very interesting.