A wendigo styled character?

So, I need to make a back up character to prepare if the worst comes. This new character will be very much interested in bones, bodies etc, to the point where I’d be using bones as armour. Would it then be too much to claim to be ‘a wendigo’, or would this impede too much on Nivarr lore?
Any advise on the matter would be much appreciated

Calling yourself a wendigo is probably a definitely very bad idea IC which you should definitely do. Agramant the Wendigo is an Eternal of Winter who’s been under enmity longer than anyone’s been alive and he’s just the worst.

It’s not Navarr at all to my mind, though, and you’d probably get summarily executed as an idolator. Bones are not a practical form of armour (and I don’t believe they’d count as non-mage armour unless they were made of polyurethane), and Navarr leave their corpses out in the forest to rot, I guess because corpses aren’t a big deal.


Well, wrapped everything up there pretty well, got to admit :joy:. Thank you very much. Good insight on all of that.
So this would be for a mage character. So the bones would be for mage armour. The ones I’ve picked out are large enough not to be brittle and are unlikely to break/poke anyone. Are bones a yes or a no?

Agramant, The Howler, The Hunter in the wastes, The Voice of the Pines, Devourer of the Fallen, The Dream of Famine, The Whisperer, The Wastewalker, The Abominable One, The Harvester of Graves, The Horned Manticore, Blood-on-the-Snow. The Eternal, Wendigo.

Under Enmity for 76 years.


Could work well in Wintermark/isolated Navarr. Best to email PD to ask about bones as armour however.

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I think a character turning up in Anvil, calling themselves ‘Wendigo’ and covered in bones would possibly have a lifespan measured in hours…


Yeah, wasn’t aware that there was an eternal named that. Well, happy that I asked now before I strutted in trying out a weird character.

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Sounds like “hours” might be lucky after hearing everything :joy:


There was a battle at E3 last year (in Weirwater I think) where the enemy generals were heralds of Wendigo. They got butchered by very zealous Imperial heroes.

Well. Thanks for the advise. I think I’d still want to make mage armour out of some bones, but I won’t hav anything to do with the wendigo

Going against the grain here… playing a wendigo cultist sounds amazing fun!!!

I’m sure it would be. :joy: but had the idea of being battle mage/medic so I’m not sure if that goes hand in hand with crazy cannibals.

I agree, but naming yourself ‘Wendigo’ and walking around covered in bones seems a bit blatant. Secret cultists who manage to lure others into unwitting worship… now that’s fun.

Now you’re talking my language.

I’m sure I’ve seen people in Wintermark using bone shirts as Mage Armour so that should be cool. The description of the Splintering Gorget mentions bones as one of the materials people craft them with as well.

Thank you very much. I’ve emailed PD just in case. But the bones I plan to use have no chance of breaking and aren’t doing to hurt anyone.
I’ve managed to get hold of a horses hip bone which covers my chest and shoulders. Now I just want to make some sort of mask.

You do realise that could be thought of as a relic. Horses are very much revered in Empire (and properly extinct).


Would that be a bad thing? It’s not to obvious that it is from a horse.

No absolutely not a bad thing. Probably worth capitalising on it.

You’re either going to be appreciated (by the orcs, and possibly Wintermark) for having something so old, preferably with a story about it, or reviled (by Highguard) for using such a special item as armour, and risking losing it!


Interesting. If that’s the case I’m sure I have a horse’s skull laying around that I can make into a helm/mask. Then I’d be sorted for mage armour.