Any Advice on Starting a Group as a Solo Player?

So I’ve been a solo player for three events now and I am thinking about starting a group. My character is Varushkan who was travelling to find a purpose after being hit with an unknown curse (to work in my chronic illness) that stopped her from becoming a Schlacta. So after exploring she is now aspiring to be a senator.

I have an IC bell tent to use as a group tent and I have a laser cutter so I can make things to sell/group stuff. So I was planning on making the group a shop/trading post. My character can’t do the things she wants to become a senator and run a shop so I’ll need to recruit people to help me.

So does anyone have any advice for someone position?

Work out the core idea of your group. It can be simple or complex, but simple tends to be better. Create your ‘elevator pitch’ to lure in other players.

Work out if you want to recruit IC or OC. I you choose OC, post a bit about your group on the forums and on the Varushkan facebook group.


Varushka is making some changes to help with new players, growing groups and bringing people in, so taking advantage of these might be the best route - at 18:30 (I believe) there will be an initial gathering of the new players (probably by the hearth). I suggest you loudly advertise your vacancies, and use your group’s core idea (as Thresher mentions) to draw people in.

I would also visit the camp planning document in the Facebook group (let me know if you need a link) to request tent space facing the central hearth, as this will help with visibility.

As you are crafty then giving interested group joiners a small emblem will be a useful way to hook them long term, providing a group identity.


Once you’ve got your group concept sorted make sure you post some info here if you want to recruit - Group Recruitment Thread 2018+

Other suggestions, potentially have some clear roles your recruiting for, i.e you’ll need a Wise One, possibly a priest of some kind and probably a Merchant so mention those when you’re recruiting.

Other things to work out, how your group will run IC, dictatorship, ruling council, loose alliance etc and also your ground rules and social contract OOC. This includes how the effort of setting up and looking after your camp is shared, if you’re a knives in (inter group PvP ok) or knives out (inter group PvP not ok) group and anything else about how to make sure you’re all comfortable with each other. That can include if it’s possible for people in the group to blackball others from joining if they make them uncomfortable. Also when it comes to inter group disagreements who has the final say.

You can work this stuff out as you go, but it’s good to start off with some clear ideas.

I think recruiting with the IC goal of being a senator and their “west wing” is pretty cool, specially when you put a Varushkan twist on that as I don’t think it’s been done before.


what type of group are you thinking of making? i am also thinking about making a group and i am a new solo player thats been to two events… maybe we could work together?

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I was planning to have it be based around running a shop/trading point then people can expand into their specialities as they please.