Are there any Wintermark festivals?

So I have recently been looking at the different festivals that happen during the events and i haven’t been able to find any for Wintermark. Are there any? How do festivals get created? are they player made?

They are player led. Some are suggested, and then expanded on IC. The league Market of Mirrors was made specifically because we couldn’t do the festival of the reaper justice due to all the weather.

Mention of the Krampus, who comes once a year as an aside in this section:

Though I heard he was killed this event, so no idea if that might have a knock on effect.

I’d be very surprised if that sort of embodiment of hearth magic could be permanently killed, but as you say it might have knock-on effects.

(I heard someone had a go at the League Reaper once. It did not go well for them, or indeed anyone else in the blast radius.)

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There’s still the Witan, I think, although I can’t for the life of me remember or figure out which event it happens at.

Whats the witan? I cant seem to find anything discussing it.

Witan is mentioned briefly here:

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I did start a thread about national festivals here Nation Festivals but didn’t have any Wintermarkers comment. If you guys know the specific summits, please do comment there so I can update the list! The more complete it is, the more likely PD are to add it to the Wiki when I eventually ask them :slight_smile:

Wait what!!! Who had a go at the reaper?

(Also I think i know why the Varuskhans got so bloodied on Sunday… Half your nation walked past the reaper with out a mask. )


If i find any, i will post on your thread :slight_smile:

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