Basic monstering kit

so while i like monstering i am no were near being able to buy lots of kit for it however just wanted to know if anyone knows were to buy some simple stuff for it cheap.

i know they have stuff their but i wanted to get just some of my own kit like a basic green over coat or such. just wanted to know if anyone knows of a place get get it cheap but still IC.

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If you are looking for clothes then I recommend charity shops. Even if you can’t find exactly what you want you might be able to find sheets of material that you can use. You will be looking at shape and material. If it looks hand like a more natural material then that should be fine. If you don’t know how to make the clothes then you can always look up any tutorials online. If you don’t have the equipment then you could just look into ripping bits apart and then tying them.

As long as the rest of your clothes are plain enough, it should be fine. I wore some basic black trousers and black, long-sleeved T-shirt.

I think the things that will cost you the most is armour and weaponry. I think they will provide you with the armour but you will need to get your own weapons. You could see if you can borrow one from a friend like I did if you are really strapped for cash. Maybe also check Online for second hand armour or see if you can modify any costume stuff. The difference between the regular Orc armour and some cheap plastic breast plate is probably paint (though don’t quote me on that, I don’t know much about armour. If I am wrong and it takes a lot of effort to make the armour then I’m sorry to those who make it.)

Remember that green is only for the Druj. The other orcs have different colours. The Grendel go for Purples and Light colours. The Jotun wear red. If you are going to monster regularly then you may need to get a bit for all of them.

Also remember that a lot of monstering is about being interesting for the players. That doesn’t mean you have to be a massive juggernaut with a large axe. You can be a sneaky trickster with a short sword who gets in when he can (if you aren’t Jotun).

I hope this helps.

I have seen a few suggestions around the threads.
1: Start with stage blacks and layer on some basic tunics and shirts. Some simple brown hero pants will finish it. Then make up some sash’s of the various colours to wear over.

2 If you wear your armour to monster in and its not very orcish, then wrap it if possible. Same with shields. This will help cover lots of space.

3 From here maybe Start thinking about details. Maybe some scraps of leather and fur. Make a war skirt.

It basically boils down to make generic orc kit, then add a colour to differentiate.

So for cheap, effective monstering kit

Soft kit

  • Use what you have. Look at your current soft kit and seeing what you can re-use. Neutral browns/blacks/whites can work for any tribe as base layers
  • Charity Shops. If you don’t have anything suitable, hit the charity shops. You’re looking for basic, loose trousers/shirts in cotton or linen, but anything nondescript and not too modern looking is fine. Grab some black fabric dye if you need to.
  • Fabric Stores Raid fabric stores for offcuts/seconds in green, red, and purple. I once got a massive amount of sheer purple fabric for £2 because it had some tears in it. Make scarves, sashes, and/or wrist-wraps out of what you find. This is an easy way to provide a splash of colour identifying you as a specific orc nation.
  • Tunic. If you get a good deal on dark fabric, you could make a simple tunic out of it - there’s an easy to follow guide here: Remember, PD will provide some coloured tunics for the various tribes, if you’re at monster at a reasonable time, you can always grab one of those.
  • Wear a belt. Put a belt over the top of everything. You can get cheap generic belts from charity shops, which you could use later as the basis of a warskirt - War Skirt for Monstering
  • Cover your neck and hands Basic rule of orc kit - the less human skin showing the better. Use one of those coloured offcuts you got as a scarf. Wear gloves. Leather gloves, simple neutral cotton gloves, gloves gloves gloves. Even cheap woolen fingerless gloves look a lot better than hands badly painted with runny snazz.

Hard kit

  • PD will provide. Player monsters are loaned polyurethane breastplates to use in battles. These are more solid than costume plastic, look great, and don’t fit anyone particularly well. They also count as a torso location worth of medium armour, but remember you need another full location to get any extra hits.
  • Again: Use what you got. Reusing kit is big and clever. Just cover or remove any nation-specific detailing and you’re good to go. Or don’t, and claim your orc looted their armour from a fallen Imperial. Maybe only wear parts of your existing armour just to break things up a bit.
  • Weapons. PD do not provide weapons to monster with. Bring your own. No-one will have time to think “hey, is that (character)'s sword?”

Next Steps
Like character kit, monstering kit can be aspirational. Obviously, your main focus should be on your character, but you can gradually improve your monster costume without spending a massive amount of money all at once

  • Join an EMU. Your nation will have one or more “Elite Monster Units”, cohesive groups that fight together when monstering. Often they have their own pieces of kit that give them a cohesive look - they may have spares for new people joining, or sell them at a reasonable price. Ask around!
  • Make a warskirt. There’s a link further up in this post with some examples. To do this on the cheap, be on the lookout for leather, fur, and hessian scraps that you can sew around a charity shop belt. It’s simple, effective, and works for all tribes. The more effort you put in, the better it looks, and it’s something you can gradually improve.
  • Signature items. Druj love bones + war-mantles. Jotun love furs. Grendel love bling. Make or buy one specific thing for each of the orc nations, something you can layer over the top of your generic kit to immediately mark you out. I hand-sewed leather scraps into a Druj war-mantle, made a Jotun “fur” mantle out of a sheepskin, and my Grendel bling is charity-shop jewellery.
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anyone know if there is a facebook page for the monstering units. thanks :grinning:

There’s specific EMU pages for each nation, and in some cases, pages for specific units. Ask on your nation’s facebook page, or do a search for Empire EMU

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