Can anyone tell me their experience with night rituals? Are they fun?

The night realm rituals seem full of sneaky fun and shenanigans! How does that translate in actual gameplay?
Do you get lots of fun removing memories and disguising as other lineages? :slight_smile:

I’d say regardless of which Realm you’re using rituals can be amazing depending on your ritual team and how much effort you all put into it.

I’m a Night and Winter mage and I’ve done rituals ranging from a quickly muttered ritual to empower someone before a battle (which basically met the 2 minute requirement and we then handed cards to the attending ref and the target then sprinted through the gate), to several performances of Whispers Through the Black Gate which is a huge 10 minute ritual that must be performed in the regio at dusk and has lots of blood, smoke and summoned ghosts.

Really it all hinges on how much you put in and what you want out of it.

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My team will likely be just me aha, as I am Dawn (I am told is mostly summer) and I will be going solo (no by choice, just dont know people to go with). BUT Night has a lot of low magnitude spells.
I was hoping to play an advocate for a noble, and use the memory and secret stuff to hide political agenda, secret service style.
And if that didnt work, use the amnesia spell to sell “relief from heartache” to broken hearted Dawnish romantics :stuck_out_tongue:


By the virtues, that is a hilariously wonderful idea!

Night has lot of fun stuff in it.

Do you think I would actually get on the field game from this? Or Is it more just a fun concept that would not do much on the day?

If you’ve got a mana site, getting fun is easy. Simply insert mana, receive fun.

it’s worth noting that the Anvil Regio gives you +1 to any one lore per ritual. So you can reach Mag 6 on a mastered Ritual at Night 2, or Mag 4 at Night 1, etc. Meaning you can do a lot of fun things on a low-lore build.

Recalling that you were looking at playing a healer in your other thread, I can highly recommend sticking Night 1 on a magical medical build. That would, with the Regio, let you hit Magnitude 4.

You can have 2 rituals mastered with 1 Lore, so that means your pick of:

  • Erase memories
  • Make transferable Night pouches.
  • Sit in someone else’s Signs and Portents and get a vision.
  • Brute-force Missive to Sadogua by casting it unmastered for 2 mana.
  • Same for the PARTY RITUAL Freedom of the Soul.

All of which sound handy for an advocate.

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healer is another idea, I am either going to go all out healer
Or all out all exp into night.
But it depends if I would get game out of my amnesia inducing skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it :smiley: .
One thing I would say is you don’t need to cast a ritual to get game out of it, but you generally need to be able to offer or threaten to cast it.

My PC has got Withering Touch of Frost mastered. In the Marches. And he makes sure people know it, as an implicit threat.

He’s also got Wisdom of the Balanced Blade mastered, and got loads of game out of using that on cursed things/people.

I would get no game out of having Wind of Mundane Silence mastered, because I’d need a dozen mates with Winter (which the character doesn’t have) to pull that one off. Sure, I could have done it in my PC’s backstory, but unless I do it in uptime, I might as well leave the slot free.

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I think my big debate, is if I go all out with mage healer then I KNOW I will get gameplay out of that, and feel tangibly useful, and be free to take whatever resource I want as I only need personal mana.

But the night mage, it pretty much requires mana site, and while the idea of helping forlorn lovers forget their hurts sounds super cool and is in theory a more interesting character, I am worried I would get a lot of “oh, thats SO cool!!! but not for me…”
If you get me? It SOUNDS cool, but might not actually get used.
Whereas healing people with 30 seconds of reciting limericks at them is guaranteed usefull.

PD are quite happy for you to change your character build during the event, or after your first event if it isn’t turning out to be fun, all you have to do is take a trip to GOD.

So pick one and if it doesn’t work swop?

Dawnish, right? I play a Night Mage healer in Dawn, and I get a lot of mileage out of both skill sets.

Dawn has one large Night coven who are often looking to cast high and who might well be recruiting in play, if you ask around. BUT that sort of magic game can be an awful lot of “hurry up and wait” as you try and collect enough people to manage the high magnitude rituals. Cat herding, can be frustrating if you don’t enjoy that sort of thing.

I get a lot of RP from my identity as a Night Mage; but definitely more skill use from my Mage healing skills. I very rarely actually cast the low value stuff that I could manage solo, even though I though I love ritual RP.

Single spells are pretty quick to pick up in play, mind, in a way that significant lore mastery isn’t. And Night Mage gives you some clearer ins to characterisation that healer.

Could you not combine the two?
I have personally found having multiple strings to my bow has been the key to having fun at Empire. I’d say the Amenisa trick isn’t going to come up that often, but when it does it could be amazing roleplay. (Although if you have a mana site you should get reliably a ritual or two cast an event.) The Amnesis ritual going off is the type of experience that makes a game for you. Healing is something you will use every event if you take the field but is far more forgettable in the long run.

The Empire system heavily rewards being a jack of all trades to a degree, Curing heartbreak sounds an amazing direction to go from the brief, but it’s a Night 4 ritual. 2 Ranks of Night (and taking it as one of your 4 ritual masteries.) Let’s you cast that anywhere, it seems a good point to stop. That’s still 3 exp left to buy into magical healing, so extra mana, repair limb, heal (Or two extra mana and try to get heal from somewhere.)

From a Dawnish perspective being a healer who chose to focus on the ailments of the heart, seems like a really poetic direction to go.

So Firstly Dawn is mostly summer mages, by which I mean Dawn has managed to secure the spot of being the best nation for summer magic by virtue of throwing hordes of amateurs at the regio.
This does not mean there is ONLY summer magic in Dawn, there are definitely night mages in Dawn that you could potentially work with.

Also while we don’t have any Night mages, perhaps a background link with the Crimson Petals who are a coven dedicated to helping lovers, would give you some connections before going in.

Also it may take an event or two to get established as your witch of heartbreak, to build up the reputation and the contacts to find the right people, but I think it is would be worth it in the long run but there is no reason to put all your eggs in one basket.

See, now I am getting tempted away from full healer ad back to this again >< arghh. :stuck_out_tongue:
Would going night 3, and then slowly working up to night 4 make me, like, a “night master” :stuck_out_tongue: If it isnt that common to go all in on one lore it would help me role play the “I am the emo mage!!” thing.

You’d certainly be a focused Night magician - I’m not sure about the term “master”, as there are a number of PCs who can legitimately have Lore 5 now (requiring a total of 17XP - the maximum possible at the moment is 18XP).

Still, it would put you towards the upper percentiles of Night Lore on the field, and few people are going to sniff at someone so capable (you could solo mag 6, or mag 8 in the regio, before any other buffs, if you had the ritual mastered).

Vague experience would suggest that most ritualists focus on one Realm of magic, but I couldn’t really say what the actual numbers are.

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I would consider and describe myself as a master if asked at rank 3. I took rank 3 at chargen, all my XP since then has been in combat / healing magic - partly for ic reasons and partly because saving up for the high level stuff never seems desperately worth it because you can trivially boost your realm lore with items, potions, regios etc in play.

To be considered an expert in your field, the thing to do would be to be able to speak authoritatively about it. So, cram up on the ritual theory pages of the wiki, the Night Eternals, the Night Magic splash page, pick a magical tradition to work in and learn it backwards, always have your ritual paraphernalia on you, get to know the Archmage and the major covens well. There are two approaches to this -learn chunks of the wiki (eg the ritual lists, costings, effects, cost effectiveness) or be confident to improvise mystic bullshit. Soft skill expertise and being able to talk the talk will get you nearly as far as having high level mastery, in my experience - unless there is a specific effect you are trying to create like the ability to solo cast specific stuff, or a massive ritual you are planning to cast with a coven that you need the boost for.


I don’t know if I’d call ritual lore items trivial, and even a potion that gives you a single level of lore isn’t cheap.

And besides, at 3 you can get 9 max, at 4 you can get 12 max.

I have Night Lore 3 and I don’t consider myself a master, given that anyone can do that straight out of chargen. I’d say Lore 4 is probably the boundary for being considered a master.

The one time I’ve ever cast Freedom of the Soul was to knock off another enchantment which was no longer useful after the battle and just had dangerous side effects for the rest of the day. Low mag enchantments are useful for that, as you can only have one at once.

If you’re rich/getting paid to annoy someone, Freedom of the Soul with illium means no useful enchantments ever again…