Character deaths, how many can you have?

I couldn’t find on the wiki about the maximum allowable deaths per event, I’m counting any death possible from battles and skirmishes, shanked in the street, someone OOC doesn’t like you and just murders your characters when you enter IC area constantly, is there a limit or do you go GOD-mode when they attack you?

I haven’t personally heard of anyone dying more than once in the same event, so I doubt there’s a maximum.

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This isn’t something I’d heard of at PD events before ever, I’ll admit. (For what it’s worth, someone I knew at Maelstrom - a past PD system - got through four characters in one event, but there were understandable reasons for each one, and I think in one case his new character might have been executed for being in the group that caused one of his other characters’ deaths! :smiley: )

I wouldn’t expect a “maximum allowable deaths per event”, for a few reasons:

  1. There’s only a limited number of times your character might be on a battle or skirmish where they’re likely to die - you can play one of the two battles, and you might go on a skirmish or quest where there’s risk of in-character death (possibly you might manage two but that’s unlikely in one event).
  2. It seems like an odd thing for an organiser to limit - the person who’s most inconvenienced by their characters dying is the player, after all, who’s got to come up with a new character.
  3. That said, I suspect that if you had multiple characters die in an event and you were starting all of them in the same group, you might have eyebrows raised if it looked like you were starting new characters to get a bunch of resources for your group - but I’m not sure what the rules are like on getting resources for characters you start mid-event anyway.
  4. If someone OOC doesn’t like you and murders your characters when you enter the IC area, (a) given that Empire is a setting with reasonable law enforcement, they are likely to get IC found out and punished for it, and (b) if they keep doing that it is entirely reasonable for you to go to PD and ask what they can do about something that sounds like unpleasant OOC behaviour making the game hard for you to play.

People can and have died multiple times per event. There is no maximum, and definitely no god-mode.

Getting away with murder IC is intentionally very difficult. Anvil is by-and-large a safe place - many people go unarmed even late at night. Almost all deaths occur on battles/skirmishes. Random shankings in the street simply do not happen. It would be effectively impossible for someone to spawn-camp the IC boundary.

Someone murdering characters IC for OOC reasons would be a significant breach of rules/behaviour standards and should be complained about OOC to GOD immediately. To my knowledge, this has never happened at Empire.


There’s no limit that I’m aware of. When you die you create a new character, and re-join the game. That in itself can take a while to do all the admin, find some kit and get yourself back in the field

It’s rare to die all that often; battles can be chaotic but once your character dies you won’t be able to go to GOD, create a new character, and re-join the battle.

Deaths in the main field do happen but they are rare. There aren’t many random hits and assassination you’d have to work hard to earn!

The is no such thing as god mode.


If you are worried about dying over an event (usually only really likely if you do something intentionally super heroic (stupid) on the battlefield), quite alot of people have just created temporary characters to finish out the event - you come back in wearing base kit as a family retainer of your previous group and basically quietly hang around with your mates for the rest of the event and no-one will complain. Of course if you have plans and kit for a back up character and are ready to hit the ground running then great!

Creating a new character is as simple as going to GOD and using a player computer to do the set up exactly the way you did you first one. (Knowing your PD account password is useful though!).

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It takes probably an hour or so at least to go through the faff of reporting death, changing kit, generating a new character, and hitting the field. There’s 27 hours of time in at an event, so that means a maximum of about 27 character deaths.

In practice, dying twice in an event is unusual, three times in an event might actually be a system record.

There are certainly no rules by which someone who has died a certain number of time becomes immune to death for the remainder of the game.


Why on earth would there be a limit on it?

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I can think of one reason that multiple character retirements / deaths might get a side eye from the organisers, which is if it looked like you were doing it intentionally to repeatedly get more resources for your group.

I don’t think this would be as much of a problem, admittedly, as by the point where you’d come to GOD for the second time to go “hey my last character died could I get resources for a new one”, someone might go “…didn’t your last two characters just die this event? Did you just have a run of bad luck or something?” and I’d guess someone might talk to you to check what was going on.

Would have been less weird at Maelstrom - see the anecdote earlier about someone who got through four characters in an event! - but Maelstrom had a lot more PVP, and also I don’t think you got character income (maybe beyond the basic?) except for characters you started the event as. Not sure what Empire’s like on that.

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Im not worried about my character dying ive only just started so nothing to loose…so far but going down in the battle, watching “friendly fire” mistaking guy for husk, nearly in the skirmishes and hearing CLEAVE in (i think) the hub tent and watching people run for the ooc area made me think about, not long enough to be stabbed, looted and gone.

Given the war rhino battle with a lot of dead imperials I doubt PD has a limit on character deaths, but I do wonder what the response would be if say a battle went that badly that almost every character died, or a group of heretics rolled the conclave etc.

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I don’t believe there is a limit, but on two separate occasions I have decided a character I was playing wasn’t working and was unfixable, so I retired in the middle of the event and played a new one for the remainder. Then, I didn’t play that character again at a future event. This is a major contributor to the reason my character number ends in .7! This does raise an eyebrow every time I give my PID for a ritual etc.

I did get a full set of “starting character” resources each time I did it, which I suppose could be abused by an unscrupulous player. But since I’ve never had more than two characters at a single event, it’s not been questioned.

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I only wondered incase of a series of unfortunate events, im assuming depends on your patience limit mine would be about 3, 1 death in battle, 1 in skirmish and 1 for calling someone unvirtuous and dying in duel like fool.

I have .2 after mine because computer auto picked a character i wasnt ready to play (ordered magic stuff but didnt arrive before event) didnt even step foot onto the ic field and I’ve already died one… :s

There’s far higher out there. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a .14 during pack-building


Last year (think it was Y4E2) I did an anointing on a guy with .11… I’ve been informed that he has since died an additional two times.

A supplementary question: if you current character is killed, can you then play a character who you have retired or do you have to start again?

Start again. Retired characters are considered dead so you can’t go back to them.

Nothing to stop you generating a similar character build though if you choose.


That’s what I thought. Thank you.

I have heard rumers of someone who died, and now plays his own son.
Brent, Son of Brentt


That’s fine, as long as they follow rule 7: Don’t take the piss. :slight_smile: