Economics in The Empire


Hello there, so im wondering who to talk to or where is the best place to go to learn about the current economy within the empire? Is there anyone? Im asking if theres any offices or titled positions ic basically to learn whats going on with that.


To an extent, the best place to start might be the Bourse:

However, a lot of folk will know about their particular areas. Ask the trading cartels of the League, or the merchant princes of the Brass Coast, or anyone with a Bourse seat (ie, control over a mithril mine, wierwood grove, white granite quarry or illium mine).

They’ll all have an opinion.

Every nation has some people doing a fair bit of trade, so there’ll be some folk to answer the question wherever you ask it.

If you want an accurate picture of the national economy though, it’ll be as difficult as doing so in Real Life.

A slightly clearer picture can be gained of the international trade, via this Wind of Fortune:

If you want a thumbnail sketch…

Landbased trade with our nieghbours is pretty good. Sea trade is down due to Grendel activity. Trade with the Thule to the north may continue. The Jotun to the west have been eating into Imperial territory, as have the Druj to the east. The Druj are smashing more infrastructure though, so anything recaptured from them will be a mess. Hopefully good loot comes from the Dawnish campaining in their homelands.

The costs of Mithril, Wierwood and White Granite is still likely quite high, due to demand. Ditto for Crystal Mana. Other stuff probably trades pretty well.

Overall, the economy is quite stressed by the amount of military campaigns and army upkeep underway. It’ll probably be easier to sell stuff and fund projects that back the armies, than more peaceful endeavours.

Anything else, you’ll need to ask more specific questions, on the field :slight_smile:


Grendel have had half a year of not being able to hit Imperial ships because of Autumn magic, so sea trade isn’t doing too bad.


You want the Master of the Mint, currently Lieselotte van Holberg. Try the Imperial Offices and/or the House of Seven Mirrors.


Yup she sells a booklet with a whole bunch of numbers that she has access to as master of the mint, tax revenue per territory, how much everything like armies and forts is costing the empire and that sort of thing. Useful stuff.


I strongly suggest listening to these two parts of a podcast series about economics in the empire made by PD themselves:

Part 1
Part 2

Very informative though all in all its almost 2 hour long.


Its also a terrifying read. Just to see the knife edge the finances lie on.


Yeah… I think that period of naval prosperity is coming to a close and at least one city (which still doesn’t have those harbour chains!) is getting extorted by grumpy pirates and their armada.


I’m expecting big stormy rituals to happen to force their hand. make it hard for them to leave sarvos ( if this is possible) and then we fill it with a few armies and crush them… Only issue is how battered are the highguard armies.


Well, I believe it is common/available knowledge that the Highguard armies each took around 1350 casualties this season, and have been fighting a low slow defense of Urizen for A While.

I suspect the answer is “Fairly Battered”. Even if they are not, they might prefer to keep fighting the Druj.


@AnthonyHJ You’re assuming they’re going to hit Sarvos. Might hit Oran, or Siroc, or Cargo if they’re feeling particularly stupid. Or they might pull back when we hit them for 50K strength right in their capital city. :smiley:

@Mr_Haystacks I don’t think we can attack navies with armies, unless someone made an interesting AP. But there’s definitely better forces around than Highguard- more than a dozen armies in range, though definitely in a state of disrepair.


Thanks all for the imput :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to see a picture of one? I realized it’s not on the wiki, but maybe an old one would be ok? I really do enjoy the whole economics thing


An arcane projection to bring sudden freezing temperatures and freeze the bay. Just walk out to them…

I’m more thinking we can make sarvos too tough to crack.