Fonts and printing help?

Hi all. I’m about to condense two years’ worth of written poems, epics, and ephemera into one large document for binding and printing. It’s about 60 pages, 6500 words.
Doubtless the editors and printers will have their own suggestions, but I’m stuck on picking a font.

I’d previously used Cyrodiil in my for-IC-money-only pamphlets because it appealed to me and was easy to read in dim light, but there might be licensing issues even though this will be an IC purchase and I’m also having second thoughts about legibility.

I need something that’s easy on the eye, Empire-appropriate, and legal. Any suggestions?

Also, isn’t there a printer’s group somewhere in play? People who have experience in this sort of small-run thing? Or am I misremembering? (It’s not the Anvil Library I’m thinking of).

Lastly, somewhere out there is a superb document on how to adjust and format text to give an authentic hot-off-the-printing-press onto old paper look. If anyone still knows where it is, I’d be very grateful for a link.


Ho you’ve come to the right place, let me have a hunt around and I’ll link you to some good forum threads :slight_smile: .


Dre and Daisy know the score :slight_smile:


Also I’ve been recommended EB Garamond, Sorts Mill Goudy and Cardo as good “old style” typefaces that are still readable.

EB Garamond is open source and very complete with all the extra characters - Font Squirrel | EB Garamond Font Free by Georg Duffner

Sorts Mill Goudy - Sorts Mill Goudy | The League of Moveable Type

Cardo - Fonts for Scholars: the Cardo Font

ET Book is also a decent one - ET Book · Edward Tufte on GitHub

When I was putting together a dossier of info I used a few different weights of EB Garamond with the body text at 12pt, but in retrospect I’d push that to 13pt so it’s easily readable in low light.

Oh another thing I was told is that medieval presses didn’t use Italics much, they were much more likely to use dark red text for emphasis. Which I like because it reminds me of the House of Leaves :slight_smile:.

I’d also pick up the Anvil Almanac from the Imperial Offices as they work really hard on their typesetting, so it’s good to have a nose through and be inspired :slight_smile:.


Thank you! That was it! I have a lot of reading to do!

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No worries, it was an excellent excuse to nerd out :smiley:.

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I made a reference doc of useful Gdocs fonts, as I put all my documents together in Google Docs.

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Very useful, thank you.

Another option if you want a handwritten look; I have been using Calligraphr to make actual fonts out of my own and friends handwriting; I even made one using the Empire runes the other day just for funsies.

If you use the free version you can only have 75 glyphs and you cant adjust the individual letter spacing, making interlocking script fonts tricky, but for non-script fonts it works great.
You can either print a template out, fill it in with a marker and then upload it from a picture, or just fill it in using something like Photoshop. If you want I can send you a 75 glyph english template, and I’ll fill it in and send you the font. Or you can just make your own account :stuck_out_tongue:

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