New to Empire

Hi guys, a friend and I are planning on joining empire. We have played a lot of table top rp, but are very new to live. We have decided to join the marches as it is a nice fit for us.
So basically I’m just on here to ask for some general advice and to get a feel for what empire is all about from people that are involved.
Anyway any help is appreciated

Hi Connor, and welcome!

It sounds like you’ve done some reading up on the system setting which is great. The wiki is huge and nobody knows it all, bot obviously the more you can know about your own nation and about your chosen profession the easier it will be for you.

Empire is big enough that it can be lots of different things to different people. I personally enjoy the priest game for all the personal interaction stuff; talking to people about their fears, encouraging them to make Good Life Choices, making them think about their own motivations and trying to turn that into actions. I also play (and in turn, monster) in the big battles, because I do enjoy a fight every now and then too.

There’s a lot of politics in the game; who gets to be Senators, Generals, Cardinals, Archmages (and one day, the Throne). There’s plenty of opportunities to get stuck into battles, with some smaller quests running throughout the days in addition to the main two big ones.

Magic is something I know nothing about but it is a large aspect of the game for some people (several of my group always seem to be planning some ritual or other).

Some people really like the close-knit interaction that happens within the nation itself, and enjoy storytelling or crafting or music around fires in character, without stressing about heavy politics.

My main advice is to talk a lot, to volunteer for any opportunities you hear about, and be generous with your skills. I’m not sure if the Iron Raptors are still running but they are a great opportunity to get stuck into some quests without necessarily knowing people. There’s also a New Player team who I would take up the opportunity to meet before the game starts on Friday night (PD will be able to hook you up with the details).

What sort of things are you interested in? Magic? Religion? Combat? Something else?

Hi, thanks for the reply. We are not really looking at magic atm. Two brothers working as mercs or guards. We are up for anything in terms of get stuck in. I think my friend wants to do more combat (he is quite hot headed) but I plan to be his older wiser brother… I also like the idea of monstering. Sounds fun.
I have had a play with character creation and I think I get the gist of it. Basically I can fight a bit and get my mate up when he is dying. Any other advice on being a Marcher?

Wear a hat - it’s a thing in the Marches :slight_smile:

I do love a good hat…
Right I have been looking at psysick is it worth all the points? I’m gonna have a friend who is quite reckless. I can see me needing to patch him up a lot.
Cheers guys

Physick is certainly one of the most useful skills…

Is it worth the points? Without a doubt, the amount of RP potential it offers is great, allowing for colourful use of physreps, blood, fake wounds etc.

Although you can solve most immediate (non-traumatic) injuries with herbs, it is usually better (and more resource friendly) simply to take the time and fix the injuries ingame. Of all the skills I’ve played its certainly the most fun and gives you a great deal of flexibility on and off the field.

First off, welcome to Empire! I hope you have fun - you’ve definitely made a strong choice in joining the Marches. :slight_smile:

If you’re playing soldierly types, mercenaries, guards etc., have a think about how you’ll keep occupied outside fighting. The battles are an amazing experience and skirmishes provide extra opportunities for a good scrap, but no matter how dedicated there will always be significant parts of the event where there’s not much fighting going on.

On the field there are plenty of IC taverns, events such as plays and dancing, and even a casino, so it’s easy to be active socially. A strong point of the Marches is that the nation generates a lot of game spontaneously through the players, and occasional activities such as foot-the-ball and Rough Music are major draws.

I also highly recommend the political games - I get most of mine through magic and the Conclave, but the Synod is really easy to get involved in, and if you’re feeling Ambitious you can have a go at General or adjutant. Meddling in other nations’ politics is tricky but provides a lot of entertainment.

The non-magical skills that I would recommend for creating game outside battles are Physick, Artisan, and the religious skills.
[ul]]Physick is really useful in battle, but also lets you play with injuries and trauma caused by other things… such as when a particularly brave mage gets vivisected and needs sewing back together, or when ghosts start possessing people. And it means you can use leeches!/:m]
]Artisan is also really useful for everything - if you choose your items carefully you can effectively get 3-4XP worth of skills (for instance Cleave and Endurance) without needing any materials, and you can then make money and connections selling items and making commissions. It takes a bit more planning and boot leather but can be highly rewarding./:m]
]Religious skills are more circumstantial but they are a lot of fun. My last character was a Marcher friar and taking part in ceremonies absolutely made my game. They are also useful if you’re righting, as some enemies will use auras of fear or similar that are best beaten with auras of your own./:m][/ul]

One of the very few things I regret about my decisions at character creation is that I chose Day Lore rather than buying Chirurgeon, banking 2 experience points and buying Physick after the character’s first event. And I’m a specialist magician who doesn’t go to battles.

Physick is boss.

Thanks for this. Really helpful. So I have started to talk to friends about empire and may have a larger group then I had planned. I feel I will be taking psysick defiantly as my friends are gonna get themselves killed a lot.
Really hope to be at the next event
Cheers for being so helpful

Hey everyone.
Managed to get more people involved in my group.
Currently making some armour but need help finding somewhere to buy a good hand and a half sword. Or a two hander if hand and a half isn’t possible.
Any help would be appreciated

[quote=“Direcnon”]Hey everyone.
Managed to get more people involved in my group.
Currently making some armour but need help finding somewhere to buy a good hand and a half sword. Or a two hander if hand and a half isn’t possible.
Any help would be appreciated

It depends what you mean by “hand and a half”; Empire doesn’t have that as a weapon category. (see I find weapons in the 36"-42" range are often more comfortable for me to use in two hands, and as they are considered one-handed weapons by the rules, there is no problem with using one one-handed sometimes. A weapon over 42" is two-handed and must always be wielded two-handed (unless it is a one-handed spear).

Medlock Armoury make unique and lovely weapons but they tend towards the higher end of the price bracket. usually has some in stock. My favourite weapons have been Medlock.

Eldritch made the majority of the weapons I have owned over the last 15 years. They tend to be lower priced but still good quality, if a little less fancy. My most-used weapons are 32" swords from Eldritch.

Vis weapons, if you can wait until the event there will be a lot of sellers in the field (going shopping is also an activity) and that way you can try out things to see what really suits, different weights, length and patterns can make a difference depending on your fighting style so best to buy in person if you can.

I’d second the suggest to go and pick one up from traders at the event as you’ll have a wide selection and be able to try 'em out. My personal recommendation though for two handers would be Craeftigan (formerly Tallows and The Warriors Wardrobe) who did a gorgeous zweihander and longsword that I use on the battlefield at Empire.

Thanks for all the support with this.
Myself and my friends are pretty much there in terms of what we need and have a good idea about characters.
Just wonder if I could get a little advice on player resources. Because they all sound very good and I just can’t pick. Also I have read up a bit on the loss of mournwold, and saw a post on here about it. Anything my group could get into concerning that?
Thanks again. Can’t wait to get there now.

Hi Connor,

you’ve picked a good nation. :slight_smile:

On the Weaponry front, the best weapon you and your mates could pick would be the Bill, or some other typical Marcher Polearm.
Pollaxe, Billhook, Lochaber Axe, pretty much any 7’ cut and thrust pole arm.

there are several reasons for this.

They, (And the Longbow) are pretty much the Marcher Cultural weapon. You will fit in, and people will be glad to have you turn up for battle.
The Marcher Bill line is what makes us who we are on the battle field. The more Bills we have the better for all of us.

Game Experience wise,

  • On the National skirmishes through the event, (Small combat opportunities set up on a nation by nation basis) there is frequently a limit on the numbers who can go on the mission. In My experience, Pole weapons and bows get picked first for missions by the Captains in charge.
    If you are using shorter weapons, then you’ll be out on the flanks, or in the reserve if you are a two handed sword, and will miss out on the glorious experience that is being in the bill line.

If you have limited combat experience, the you will be a lot more effective with a pole arm than with any other weapon.

  • reach, discipline and teamwork are what make us the (mostly) invincible threshing machine of death on the field.
    I can teach someone who’s never been on the field how to stay alive as a billman in thirty minutes - sword and shield or two handed sword takes thirty weeks.
  • If you have some combat experience, you will be streets ahead of 80% of the rest of the field, and with a Polearm you will clean up. :slight_smile:

Where to get one?
I bought mine from

If you and two or three mates turn up as billmen, you will parachute into the heart of the Marches Game.

As to Resources, and backstory, the Mournwold is where its at. one thing I didn’t quite grasp from my initial reading of the background, there are parts of the Mourn that are still in marcher hands. You can be from Greensward, the last free region in the territory, and have any resource you like. there’s nothing more Marcher than being a farmer, though at present, there is no political representation of the mourn, there being no senate seat.

  • A farm will give you plenty of Money, Which is useful in buying actual beer in the In character pubs. :slight_smile:
  • A military unit, (hardened guerrillas of the mourn etc) will get you a bit of Game interaction with the other military types, and a random selection of resources, or some money.
  • Herb/Mineral/mana resources are useful if you need that sort of stuff, but otherwise they mean you have to spend a lot of time paying attention to the economy and trading. If that’s your thing, go for it.

Welcome to the Marches!

I effectively echo all of Hob’s comments.

If you like the Mournwold hook, its no secret that there is a war with the Jotun - so if you want to get stuck in there a military unit makes perfect sense. This would be the most direct form of engagement (obvious pun intended).

As an aside if after a while you decide you’re not a fan of military units etc… I believe its a 2 Crown Civil Service fee to change your resource. Quite a lot of players recently decided to embrace the plot line and convert Farms to Military Units. Fluffy (farm hands picking up pointy stabby things) and obviously useful. MUs can be attached to Armies (and now) Fortifications which allows additional flexibility and the chance to have a direct impact upon the campaign. For this you will get cash from the Guderon which is divided between players, at the moment not likely to be much - but you’ll be greatly aiding your nation.

A further angle could be characters who left the Mournwold or descendants of those who were forced out, so you could have farms elsewhere but desire returning to your great grandfathers mine or something.

On the Bill angle… its something that many players are getting into this year, there should be a pile of suitable weapons for loan as well if you are unsure about investing a wad of cash in a weapon that you may not like the feel/fighting style of.

Boring practical comment: bills or other long weapons may be a problem to transport. If coming by car, get one that fits! If by public transport, consider if you can sensibly carry it however you travel, including taxis.

you can fit a seven foot bill into pretty much any vehicle short of a Ka or a VW Beetle, Slid down the passenger side between the doors and the seats.
I commuted across london for years with one once a week by tube, bus and train,

Where there’s a will…

I dispute the comment about not being about to fit 7 foot pole weapons into a ka, it’s tricky, but possible!

I stand happily corrected. :slight_smile:

(I’ve never had the chance to try fitting one into a Ka.)

More power to your elbow!