Noob kit build: Dawn

Greetings citizens of the Empire!

I have bored people senseless with my questions (thank you so much for answering them) and am now finally making progress on my kit. I thought it would be interesting to keep a log of the progress made, and would welcome some feedback.

I am going to start with my soft kit. Obviously this is a work in progress. What I still need for this outfit, I think, is a brooch for the chaperon, a chain of office, a more decorative belt, and some hose.


Looking pretty damn good so far! I agree that what you need is some bling there. Chain and belt are an excellent start… have you considered anything for the arms? Something to contrast that red…?

What House colours are you going for, if any?

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The house colours are bordeaux, green, mustard yellow. I am planning for green hose and a mustard yellow under tunic. The bling will be gold and brass mainly.

I am not sure what I could add to the arms, other than gloves for when the weather is cold.

Those boots are beautiful, are they fully waterproof with good grip and ankle support? Anvil is unfortunately phys repped by a sheep field that is known for getting quite muddy on any wet event (E1 and E4 usually). I would hate for them to be ruined, and from experience we know that spending the weekend with damp and cold feet ruins an event.

Green trousers will work well with that tunic.
Arm decoration could be a favour - ribbon or similar probably with a backstory to it.

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Hi Charlie,
The boots will be for non combat only. The soles are modern ones, not flat leather (I do have a pair of those for more historical accuracy, but things can get slippery). I have some brown leather walking boots for combat, and black Wellington boots for mud. For the favour (great suggestion), I will need to see if I can find someone pre game to arrange something, and give me some RP from the get go.

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That chaperon looks awesome. Very cool; it’s a great colour.

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Sealskinz waterproof socks are your answer here. I have had my boots fail on me and not actually noticed until I realised I was squelching around.


Thanks Jim, will add sealskinz socks to the shopping list.