So new im overwhelmed! Help? Haha

I recently stumbled across a video of some people talking about there last LARP event called empire, I heard there stories and saw photos of the event and could not believe how giddy and excited I got about the concept, always loved a good RPG, never done LRP or even RP in the dungeons and dragons sense, always wanted too though… (although i did do drama at GCSE… if that has any relevance at all) I’ve been looking into the wiki and its almost a bit overwhelming as to how in depth this really is, I want to make a character but I’m a bit nervous as to how I will come into the world, being the only person I know that would want to come along I don’t really have a group to start with? I’m not sure really where to start either, are there easier factions than others? I’ve looked at the navarr and thought they look pretty awesome and I could see myself dressing in the style, but is there a better one to make your first character with? I’m probably asking very simple questions or not making sense at all, all I know is I want to probably be a medic/healer (as I have always played the monk or healer classes in RPG games) but could easily adapt to something easier to start with? would really appreciate just a brief sort of "hi I’m so and so I play a etc. etc.)

I realise I’m probably not ready to start this year as it looks like theres a lot of preparation needed before hand to be ready for the events, such as costumes and armour etc. is there anything that’s available on site to purchase or loan for the event? I’m not a very well off person so may need to start saving up!

are there also any places where people advatise for positions within there little groups or clans or trading markets? again probably things I could find out from the wiki but I just don’t know where to start! :smile:

hope I’m making a tiny bit of sense… and theres someone out there that can be bothered to read my ramblings…
Cheers, Tom

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I’m taking a wild guess here, and saying the video was Hulmes and the guys from Hat Films?
Anyway, the best way to start seems to be choosing a nation

and then deciding from there what you want to play.

There are archetypes that each nation has, that could probably be best described as preset characters. There’s no skills or inherent characteristics attached to them, but they give a good framework of what your characer did/does and how you might act

Hulmes also made a follow up video to his original, going into more detail about what new players could/should do


There is also an introduction to Empire video, which succinctly describes most basic aspects of what Empire/LARP is


Also, also, I’ve recently made a couple of posts like this myself, and got a ton of excellent answers that might help you.


It was in fact these guys, having not watched there videos I came across it randomly, didn’t realise it has gained so much attention! haha i’ll give the video a watch!

I’m really liking the look and feel of the navarr.

I just want to submerse myself in a new world but I don’t know how well going solo would work, seeing as I’ve not done roleplay before apart from acting.

Really should of just read some more before posting haha, I just want to get started now!

If you like the look and feel of the Navarr then visit their facebook page and ask them about what it’s like to play the Navarr

I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out.

Hello and welcome, I’m new too. :slight_smile: I’ll also be attending my first Empire event alone, but im sure that has it’s benefits too. (unless I can convince my girlfriend to tag along).
I feel that attending an event alone could allow you to dive into the community a lot quicker, and make new friends.

  • I suggest not spending all of your skill points upon the creation of your character. Maybe attend an event first, to learn about skills, to get a deeper understanding of what it is your character wants.
    And by the way, I’m also interested in joining The Navarr. :wink:

I’m pretty sure i’ll be going with them, I think the trading is something I could see myself getting into and there seems to be a archetype that suits that, but I’m really not sure! its so much to think about my brain just wants to go into full character creation but I don’t know where to start with my core character, its very exciting and I never thought it would be!
I have no chance in hell of convincing my girlfriend to come with me… or any of my friends, but I think that might be good to be honest, throw myself into it without having someone else to change my energy or mood?

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Trading is a very fun aspect of the game, especially if you can talk to anyone (I don’t mean that you have to be charming at every interaction, but the ability to walk up to a stranger and say “Hi, I want to sell you things and buy your things” is quite key).

The Navaar have some amazing traders and I know a few people who might be looking for junior partners in their business, so if you decide to give the Navaar Lone Trader a go, let me know and I’ll make some introductions, but do ask around Navaar and think about joining an existing group, because walking trods together as a family is a big part of the nation brief (from my understanding).

Keep asking questions and reading what you can. I’ve only got 2 weeks until the next event and I’m vibrating with keen, can’t imagine having to wait until next year! Haha

If you haven’t spent skill points, you may use the Apprentice Ability. This means you can join in any sort of skill roleplay as a proxy for the person with the skill. So a wizard could walk you through casting a Spell, or a Physick could instruct you in how to stitch a wound. This lets you be directly involved in various sorts of roleplay until you can find what you enjoy.

Combat-wise, every single PC can use a one-handed weapon up to 42", a small shield up to 15" and any armour. As a new larper you can often borrow stuff, especially armour, if you want to battle. Turning up as a runner or something can be quite helpful if you don’t want to go full on fighty but to want to get a feel for it.

I am always of the opinion that empire is more fun when comfortable. To me that means Warm/Cool, Dry and Fed and Watered.
You are campinging and the weather will never just play nice. Layers of costume work really well if possible.
Sturdy waterproof boots, Your costume stops at the ankle for the most part. IC shoes are awesome, but dry feet are awesomer. (Addendum, if the weather is awesome, for this event, feel free to bring sandals or such but they are an extra)
REMEMBER TO EAT!!! And I mean sit down, proper food, and plenty of fluids.


Thank you all for your feedback, really makes me feel like I’m already a part of it! @MicasStorm I am very interested in the navarr and the trading side of the navarr, and believe me I dont want to be the “lone wolf” I would a small group or trading group to adopt me, have been thinking about back story and where my heritage lies within the navarr, is this something I should carry on with? Or for my first character should.i be more of the blind warrior willing to do anything an everything? Also been thinking of business plans to possibly start a couriering service if there isn’t already one set up? Letters to trading supplies etc. I thought I was a good way to get into it and find out more about each nation without being completely.involved in each one? If that makes any sense haha, my brains in overload creative mode and I cant seem to tame it! But I really do love the sound of the navarr and where they sit within the story, it seems like they have alot for you to start with when you’re new and they seem to have alot of history and law to get your teeth into without it being a complete mindfart of information (like trying to read up on magic and the way… I gave up for now, maybe some day though haha)

@Mr_Haystacks oh trust me years of being a scout has drummed in the fact that layers are key, but does every layer have to be IC? Like are thermals ok as long as they aren’t obviously on show? Or should you just try and take layers and layers of IC clothes to make it a bit easier? I’m fairly handy with a sewing kit and love charity shop raiding so I’m sure this will help with building up a wardrobe, apart from the colours and the accessories (feathers rocks etc.) are the navarr known for any specific attire? Like utility belts being a must? I understand they’re very hands on practical people so I’m guessing just things that have lots of uses aswell as being an extra layer? Sorry if I’m asking too much!

@Jim. Oh cool yeah I was getting onto the skills and decided that I would.probably not put any into anything until I understood core mechanics first, but that skill set sounds perfect, I want to try a bit of this and a bit of that before saying ok I’m a axe wielding badass with hero skills or a super mage with repel etc… Would you say medic is a relatively safe starting point? Or does it just depend on person to person?

Your best bet is joining the Facebook group in the Navaar and posting enthusiastically. With it being a while before you aim to join, don’t worry about joining a group just yet, as if you get too attached now, you might find that the group you wanted to join are all dead by the time you plan to arrive!

If you plan to start at Winter (E1 next year), then I advise posting over the next few months, reading everything that the navaar post and talk about, soaking it in and talking to people. Try and find some folk who live near you, they might have a ‘froth’ (frothing is the term many LARPers use for when they are excitedly discussing all the things that happened, and everyone talks too fast and everything is amazing) meetup, where you can meet players.

Then in October (after Autumn/E4), start trying to find a group. Winter is when LARPers tend to hibernate a bit, but there will be player events and meetups as people keep friendships going during the dark cold times when there is not much LARP.

If you’re still excited about it all, then people will hook you in. And when you finally hit the field, you’ll know a load of relevant backstory for your nation, and some backstory for the game world and you’ll be able to stroll in and start talking to all the people.

Then the money making can begin :smiley:

@MicasStorm is it alright to create a facebook account specifically for this? I have a slight aversion to social media but I understand it makes this sort of thing alot easier… It being social… And media… Thank you for helping out a noobie :smiley:

I know a couple of people who only Facebook as their LARP character. Make up a name (within Facebooks tolerances, they don’t like obviously fake names) and use that. Should be fine.

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As was I, but I always offer the basics just incase. For reason, there has been a sudden swell of new players.

As for layers being IC it doesnt matter, but hide what you can, what works for me is a “base layer” T shirt. Like a walking merino wool t shirt (I got mine cheap at aldi). Something plain and thin that will be ignored if it shows a little. Avoid turtlenecks unless the weather is going to be wet/windy/cold, and pair with a scarf.
If its hidden then it’s not a problem. On top of that i have 2 IC shirts, one thin and one thicker and with huge sleeves. After that its anything to keep me warm. Cloaks, doublets, gambeson ect.

I saw the big serge of new players happening as I posted and was a bit unsure how everyone would take it, but its incredible how welcoming everyone is, I suppose you cant really go along to this sort of thing without knowing your stuff so it benefits existing players to help new players to avoid the chance of immersion being ruined.

And thanks, I’ve got alot of equiptment stacked up over the years so I’ll root through it all and see if anything could be suitable or customised!