Urizen Funerary Customs

So I did a thing. I dont know what to classify it. It doesn’t seem like fan-fiction, world-building maybe? Im nervous posting something like this here, but all i know is i think its really interesting and possibly useful and perhaps even fun game. There is no way i can distribute it myself IC so feel free to use it yourself, ignore it, ect.

Without further adue (oh goodness :joy: ):


Personally while I can see how it plays into a lot of Urizen hearth magic in an interesting way I think its a bit complicated for Urizen honestly.

the Biggest part that strikes me as not necessarily being the most urizeni is the telling of stories. While recanting them is important its ‘what is written that survives’ after all, so I’d almost prefer a very quiet recording of those stories rather than those same stories being told aloud, which strikes more of the heroic ideals of Wintermark.

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The incorporation of hearth magic was the main concern while writing it so i’m glad it got across.

Looking back over it your right it is a bit complicated. It could probably do without all the call and response bits from the conductor. It’s cool (imho), but it just adds extra weight.

As for the stories, i put that in there for audience participation reasons. “show up with your LED balls, watch someone get shiv’ed, leave” is simple but a bit too boring i think. Reading the stories aloud from writing and then giving the paper to the conductor for their spire’s library though could be a great change.

I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on this, as well as anyone else’s.

I have updated the document. I’ve shortened it quite a bit and removed all the call and response bits, I’ve added a bit about recording the stories for the deceased’s spire, some minor formatting changes and other minor changes.

Any thoughts or suggestions?