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Hi Guys, looking to be joining up for the next available event and looking to become a wintermark, costume wise are there any definite no’s, currently looking at wearing a horned helm but been told it may not be allowed will almost be elk like horns

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Horned helmets are indeed on the (please not) list for Wintermark, who are NOT vikings.

Elk-like horns on a helmet, something like this:


could work, but given that there will be folk walking around with having grown their own antlers (in-game, obviously), like this:


Some people may mistake you for a Changeling (Human + a little bit of magical Summer Realm).

As many a changeling (and cambion) will complain, the problem with wearing protusions like those is that they catch on everything. Tents, ropes, bar ceilings, and especialty trees or any polearms in a fight.

(The amount of Changlings I’ve seen with one antler, a face sheeted in blood, and a murderous expression…)

I’m assuming you’ve found the wiki page for WIntermark costume? Steinr, Suaq, or Kallevesi?

Could you show us a photo of this helmet?


The other thing to think about with elk horns on a helmet is that you’ll run into the same issues as Changelings do with big sets of horns, foliage becomes your enemy :). Battles at Empire do range into the woods sometimes and you might find your helm is impractical at such times.


First of all, welcome along!

Everyone loves answering questions so please keep asking them :slight_smile:

A metal helmet with attached antlers doesn’t really scream wintermark, think rohirrim leather and metal with horse hair plumes or more of a spangenhelm for a steinr.

The other point to consider is that heroism is a big part of the wintermark brief, nobody knows who you are if you’ve got a big face concealing helmet, you also can’t collect any scars which are very culturally important also!

Otherwise the previous replies have covered the main points!


Thanks very much guys, I’m currently only in the development stages but the helmet was based on a Valkyrie from the video game god of war, hoping to use furs and leather to bulk it out, I will look into the Saxon helm look, sounds like it would make playing easier :joy:

Have you decided what tradition you are going to be within wintermark? I ask, as it wouldn’t be off brief to have a mask/headdress as Kallavesi invoking a stag spirit animal as seen here.

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Not decided what tradition to go for yet still looking into it all, fair bit to take in with it all, we are looking to join the next available event as a group of five

Hello, folks I have a question. I am wondering as a Changeling is it really hard to walk with the antlers or horns is it really hard to walk with them?

From what I’ve gathered (as someone playing a Briar as their first), it’s not hard, you just need to be super aware of where your head is in relation to anything low hanging or tangling.

(Reason why the one person in my group who’s hit field is going with a feathery Changeling over a antlered one as they ‘grow older’)

Horned (Cambion) and Antlered (Changeling) players need to remember a few things:

  1. They are distinctive. Easily spotted, easily identified. Given the sort of characters, this isn’t usually a problem (Dawnish Changelings WANT to be easily identified a mile away, for instance). This does mean that any changes to their prosthetics are very obvious

  2. Attaching them. Some of the smaller ones can be stuck directly to the skin, but larger prongs need headbands, hats, or whole helmets to hold them in place. And even then, they may not be particularly firmly attached, especially with…

  3. Maneuvering about. Walking around with these is usually fairly easy, as they are balanced on your head or fixed in place. If you’re in the open air. Given tents (entering , exiting, low ceilings), ropes, trees and other shrubbery, and especially combat situations, getting tangled, knocking into things, and worst case, losing a prosthetic in a struggling tangle… are the usual round of hazards for those of high lineage.

Getting stuck in a bush by your antlers is entirely thematic for a deer. For a Changeling it’s deeply embarrassing.

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I played a Cambion with horns and I cannot recommend sticking horns to your skin with glue, in my case it just didn’t last and constantly reapplying the glue was very not good for my skin.

I can recommend leather headbands, or I’ve seen people have good results with wire frames that are looped and wound into your hair.

My cambion horns are molded onto an alice band with a couple of wig clips attached. I have long hair, so I can flip the front section forward, place the horns, then flip my hair back over to hide the band and style however.

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Thanks for all the great advice that you have given me insight how be a Changeling. With the horns or antlers I will pick for my costume.

Hi there!

Picking a tradition before you sort your kit for your character will help immensely, because it’ll help you get more of a feel for your character:
Each tradition has a different style, and different ways they act! It should make the picking or making of kit easier if you know you’re going to be a Suaq, for example.

Different colour palettes, different materials, different accessories! (And also a different approach RP wise, when compared with a friend who might choose Kallavesi, or Steinr instead!)

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I used to wear horns for my character (before migraines they caused became too much of an issue) and several times I felt like I’d broken my own neck as I’d sprinted through a forest only for an errant tree branch to catch on my horns and whip my neck back, and mine weren’t terribly big.

I concur with MoonchildMajora, the tradition you pick is one of the most important choices as it establishes your colour palette and style of costume which will often play throughout your soft kit (what you wear off the battlefield) and your battlefield gear.
The wiki goes into a little detail of colours for each tradition here, I’ve included visualised colours of what you would do, these aren’t of course the exclusive colours, each have flashes of differing colours, i.e. Steinr have gold, iron, brass, Kallavesi have flashes of colour in small parts and Suaq often colourfully paint their clothes, particularly their coats with animals and cultural symbols.

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