3 things you'd tell a new player about being dedicated to Loyalty

  • Know your heart and what commands its devotion above all else.
  • Even the wicked can be loyal when times are prosperous and judgements are unfailing; the truly virtuous are loyal even through hardship and misfortune.
  • Loyalty is not displayed by words or deeds alone, but by the unity of both.
  • The Virtuous build up their fellows; they do not tear them down.
  • Despise treachery; even the strongest may err, but deceivers will lie again.

Back again with this weeks virtue which is Loyalty, so for anyone who’s dedicated to Loyalty give us your 3 things on the virtue of Loyalty for new players and where the fun game is with being a loyalty priest or pilgrim.

Tell us how you used the Auras of Loyalty in play and about what you’ve done in game with the Exemplars and Paragons of Loyalty, The Marked, Elayne Silverlark, Bolstering Bill and Cora Holdfast (the first player exemplar with her own Basillica).

As always try not to get into the meat of the IC arguments around Loyalty too much, but an introduction to some of the questions you might start off asking is fine.

Part of our 3 Things about series: Pride | Vigilance | Wisdom | Courage | Loyalty | Prosperity | Ambition | The Way | Heresy

  1. Make (and let) people EARN you Loyalty. Loyalty is just as much about those who haven’t earned you Loyalty than those that have. There should be an obvious disparity in the way you treat those you’re loyal to and those you aren’t. The things you have a your bonds of Loyalty are the things you have taken this dedication for and what is your main focus; those that you haven’t got a bond should be secondary. Make (and let) people EARN you Loyalty

  2. Make your Loyalty something worth having. Loyalty is an easy virtue to be very passive about, simply saying or thinking the extent you’re willing to go for those you care about. A dedication is important and when it comes to Loyalty, those things (people, groups or ideals) put them in the forefront of what you do. Do things that push the goals of those you choose (and hinder those who stand against them).Stand by whatever you have made your bonds to, no matter how hard or unpopular it may become Make your Loyalty something worth having

  3. The Loyalty Aura’s are really fun! OK, more of a personal push here as I think all the Virtuous Aura’s should see a lot more use than they do but some of the Loyalty Aura’s are really cool! I remember using the Consecration during a battle where we had to hold an area to help fill the nation around me with purpose and patriotism. Equally, the hallowing of the token has scope for a huge personal impact and on the other hand hallowing’s such as the Silverlark’s Tears can have really profound but very subtle effects. They’re a lot of fun and I would recommend playing around with some!


Following with interest.

Changing my dedicationis something I am looking into for next year.

I have been working on my public speaking voice, so I can deliver something akin to sermons. Just much more lively.

That one is pretty key to how most of the Loyalty Assembly plays in the field at the moment. We are in many ways the huggiest and friendliest Virtue Assembly (in my experience). There are certainly other approaches to playing Loyalty possible, and the lay approach to Loyalty is very different, but you’d want to bear this in mind when creating a new Loyalty priest - if you don’t want to be fairly ‘nice’, you are breaking the mold a bit in my experience. Of course that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

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