3 things you'd tell a new player about following the Way (and not being dedicated)

(And part 2 of our Xmas Special creeping in just under the wire…)

We’ve talked about everyone who’s chosen to be dedicated to a virtue so far, but what about the priests and citizens who follow the Way as a whole without being dedicated? What 3 things would you tell a new player about this side of the game?

Tell us about your experiences as a priest in The Assembly of the Way. Whose Cardinal selects the Conscience of the Senate who represents Virtue in the Senate.

Also if you’re someone who follows the way but who isn’t dedicated to any particular virtue tell us about playing a faithful character. Finally tell us about what it’s like to play an Orc who follows the Way and can’t be dedicated to any particular virtue.

And although Priests of the Way can’t use auras of virtue like priests with a dedication they can but they do have access to Icons that let them use auras so tell us how you’ve made game with these.

Part of our 3 Things about series: Pride | Vigilance | Wisdom | Courage | Loyalty | Prosperity | Ambition | The Way | Heresy

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Using Liao as a Priest of the Way:
-Fully half the Liao skills can be used for their entire use Undedicated (Insight, Testimony, Exorcism and Excommunicate) and all four of the others have uses even for the Undedicated.
-You can assist Any priest in strengthening their Liao works.
-The Dream power of Dedicate is your friend, and worth the price alone, as an Undedicated priest you can inspire dreams of any virtue.


*slaps self at not remembering the Way priests awesome team up skills* :slight_smile:

Two things about being an orc priest

  • automatically generates endless rp opportunities inside and outside the nation thanks to the cleverly written brief; theological debate and friction is never hard to find
  • requires no XP spend so you can still be a skilled mage/warrior/artisan AS WELL as being a priest - twice the fun!

One thing about being a priest and especially an un-dedicated priest

  • justifies meddling in everyone else’s business on just about every topic in and out of the Synod

Recruitment message: if you want to job-shadow, suggest yourself or someone else for Conscience, or sit in or talk to a meeting or the like you would be very welcomed by the Way Assembly, and we can always point you on or introduce you if needed :slight_smile:

  1. Orc Priests!!! As Orcs cannot be dedicated, they have to be priests of The Way, and with all the recent Orc religion stuff, it is a nice aspect of the game which is becoming more visible to everyone
  2. For those who are not priests, but playing a character with strong religious feelings - think of all the awkward questions, then find a priest and ask them the questions. I have it done to me and it made some great rp and some great game. The questions can be about anything religious, seen a judgement you don’t like - go poke the priest who raised it, seen a judgement you don’t fully understand the concepts behind, ask the priests who are voting on it. The Synod game is all about talking to people and networking, and it is nice to be able to be a priest by guiding a lay person in aspects of The Way they don’t fully understand etc.
  3. There are Synod that do not require a Congregation, Conscience of The Senate being one of them.

Seconding @Mara’s comment about being Faithful but not Dedicated: you’re in a lovely position to ‘give good game’ to the Priests, by providing them with opportunities to wax lyrical about a portion of the game in which they are presumably somewhat invested. It can also give you some goals / structure for your event, if you’re setting yourself a challenge of “Find the person who raised Judgement X and talk to them about it” or “Track down all the Priests of Virtue Y and get their opinions on what that Virtue means to them”

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In my experience, the Assembly of the Way is one of the more ‘theological’ of the Assemblies - and often one of the most open-minded. It also takes pride in considering the big picture and doing the right thing for the Way/Synod as a whole. They generally have very friendly, open meetings with plentiful discussion.

Because of how Highguard politics work, there are often quite a few undedicated folks with Congregations in that nation who are therefore technically members of the AotW. The Assembly has never been HG-dominated, despite this.

The Assembly’s Cardinal election is at E1 each year so you could try to hit the ground running next game by standing yourself! You also get to appoint a new Conscience immediately after the election.

I enjoyed the Assembly a lot over three years or so.