IC, more items you want to buy?

so just thinking about empire and missing it of course. one thing I wanted to know is what would people want to buy IC. I know their’s plenty of sweet things and many people want more savoury items like fruit or baked goods but what else would you want?

if someone was to come up to you what would you want to see? some random person opens a box and you see…?

just want to see peoples ideas, mostly

A vendor carrying beef jerky and nuts…

Neither of which seem popular, as nut allergies and/or vegans, but I would like to see some of that.

And fresh juice, rather than alcohol, tea, or coffee.

I think this is why I usually bring my own, but sometimes I forget to bring them along.

(and no, this isn’t a swipe at vegans or people with allergies; I’m not that level of jerk)


Things you can’t buy anywhere else usually. I like to see all the homebrew drinks and interesting cake flavours. And some fabulous, fabulous bitterbark brew tea


I like to make curios that look good on someone’s shelf. I made jars with lots of magic looking sigils and bits of “The Black Plateau” in it to sell (there was no official PD ribbon on them, so they weren’t OC “real” but they were cool looking) and i plan on selling a “ritualistic mask” from “cultist” the next time i get out to the field.
These things dont have the best OC cash to IC cash ratio (that would be booze and cake) but they’re cool.