Navarr costume test

I have made some tests for a navarr costume. What do you think?

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Its an Excellent start. Replace the tartan with something green, add some tatoos and your golden.

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Oh, bother. I really love that kilt. May I ask why is it wrong? I’ve seen some images of Navarr players with tartans.

Tartan isn’t really appropriate for any of the empire nations, and definitely not bright tartan.

Navarr really needs to be browns and greens.

Wintermark can use some muted blue and grey tartans but not bright contrasting ones like that.

From the wiki:

The woodland and autumnal colour palette is very important for Navarr, bringing the nation’s look together far more than anything else. Sticking to browns and greens for the most part is a good idea- smaller amounts of golds, creams and blood reds will also look good.
Basically, can you run and sneak around a forest in it for days at a time without standing out like a sore thumb or getting caught in something? If so, it’s good Navarr kit.

So the red is far too bright, and some orc or vallorn would have picked you off some time ago!

Rest of it does look good though, you’ll probably want a cloak or long robe for warmth too even summer evenings get chilly.


Could you dye the tartan with some brown to try and mute it? You would get more of a russet colour.

Unfortunately dyeing anything other than cotton at home is a horrible job requiring some fairly unpleasant chemicals, and doesn’t usually ‘stick’ that well.

Better to save the kilt for another character and find something else to wear.

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There was a discussion about kilts/tartan and their unsuitability on the Empire facebook page, you should be able to read it here:


dying other materials at home is totally possible without harsh chemicals. jacquard idye is an at home dye that is suitable for polyester and silk which are notoriously hard to dye, and you can use it for other materials as well. it DOES need to be boiled though so it needs its own specific pot to be used in as anything you placed dye in would no longer be food safe. Rit dye is similar but comes in liquid form in bottles.

HOWEVER this is all assuming the tartan would dye uniformly, which it probably would not. you’d still have a pattern on there as the existing colours would likely take up the dye differently.

This is what i was thinking. There would be a pattern still, but much more muted.

So, winter event is going to be cold. How much fur is too much? Taking into account I don’t want to be mistaken as wintermark as I’m navarr

I would suggest fur only as edgings, or make any fur intentionally asymmetric (one shoulder not the other) or slightly moth eaten and damaged. You’re probably better looking for heavy wool (army surplus blankets are cheap and the right colour) for the base of any robe. If you have any sewing skills (or a useful friend or relative) then lining wool with fleece will make you toasty.

Also: thermals under kit are big and clever, long sleeved if you can (it’s amazing how much difference it makes). You only have to be IC for bits that people can see. :wink:

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Plan for a Blizzard and snow on the ground. (Just ask about Y1 E1). While doubtful it will snow the extra layers are worth having. Also plan to layer your clothes. You get the advantage of being able to modulate your warmth, it’s more efficient, and if something gets wet you may have a spare. If you can do it with IC kit also it will help in the warmer events.

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Kind of a side note question. I don’t have any skills in magic or religion, yet I want to get envolved in as much of the story as I can. One of my companions is a priest if vigilance, but that’s it. Any advice on how to get on board with quests and other things in the winter event?

Basically ask lots of questions. Do go and talk to your egregore, helping you get involved is part of their job and they’ll be able to point you at other characters in your nation who should be able to help.

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Thanks, last event I got wrapped up in all sorts without feeling like my character was doing enough in the big picture. Do you know what to look for when I need to find my egragore?

If you can, try and get to one of the new player briefings, usually one at lunch on Friday and one just before time in, usually in the Civil service tent, they’ll probably be there.

Otherwise ask almost anyone else in your nation. They should be hanging around your area, they’ll probably be the only person with an ear piece and radio (unless you have an on call site engineer in your nation).


For more info on quests, try these


Hi @AlexTheBalrog PD have just updated the Navarr look and feel page with some specific advice on kilts and tartan that you might find useful -


Well, if my post was the motivation behind the update, at least it feels good to do a contribution through mistakes! XD