New Player lot's of questions

I’m completely new to LARP and me and three friends are hoping to join next year (they are also completely new it LARP)
I have tried to do as much research as possible we still have a few questions that we couldn’t find the answers for.

Camping: We are hoping to do IC camping but have heard there isn’t much space in the IC camp these day’s so we would be better to camp out of character. I also know you can pay extra to get in early but don’t know if this would secure us a place on the IC camp. We wanted to check if this was true as I was going to make an IC tent for the four of us but if we are unable to use it I would leave that for the time being because as you can imagine it’s quite a bit of work.
Have also heard that there are quite bad problems with flooding sometimes depending on the weather? Just wanted to know if this was true because It would change the way I would make the tent slightly :slight_smile:

If we do choose to get there early to set up an IC tent will someone tell us where to go? Or will there be someone to ask? we don’t really want to set up in the wrong place and have someone get grumpy at us

Cooking/Fire: If we did manage to get an IC spot I was planning to bring an off ground firepit I have for us to cook on. I know the fire has to be put out when no one is watching it. Are there water buckets around or just get your own water to pour on it. I know the page said there is firewood supplied but is it better to bring your own chunks along with you.

Crafting tools: I do a lot of leather crafting making armour and similar things. I would like to be able to do this in my down time on site but a lot of the tools are sharp and obviously not safe as they are made for cutting and puncturing through leather. As long as these stayed in my tent would they be okay to have on the IC camp? or would that just be something better left at home?
I also wanted to add on to this if an axe for chopping firewood would be a big nono? or is that okay if kept completely out of site except when in use?

Money: This is to do with the leather craft if anyone was interested in buying anything off me I probably wouldn’t really want to sell a lot of it for crowns (think that’s the right term) as leather can be expensive and the crafting itself is time consuming is the term for real money “barbarian money” do people use this term in the IC area or is it frowned upon.
I wouldn’t really be going out of my way to sell things but I have had plenty of people at re-enactment events seen something I’ve made sitting around and ask if I would be willing to sell, or have anything similar I would be willing to sell.

On the note of money we know it’s suggested to buy your weapons at the event what would be a good amount of cash to bring for weapons?

Groups: Is it better we find a group of experienced LARP people to join at the event or would we be okay staying as just the four of us for the time being and meeting groups at the events?

I think that is all the questions we have for now.
Sorry there is so many of them :sweat_smile:
Thank you!

IC camping is organised by a volunteer for each nation. If you tell your nation volunteer (find them on the Facebook group or in the nation section here on the forum) your tent details they will usually find a way to fit you in (dimensions, including guy lines would be a must).
These plans don’t always survive contact with the field, but if you show up and just pitch your IC tent, you might cause some ruckus.
Space is getting tighter, but there is usually some spare space for the camps to expand into (looking at it from the ground anyway, I’m sure it’s not that simple!)
Flooding is bad in some areas, usually Urizen (maybe Varushka), but otherwise the camps are on slopes.
The red caps will guide you to where you need to be, but if you come early on Thursday, bring a copy of your nation map to try and go where you should!

I believe it is “Your fire, your responsibility”. Don’t be unsafe, you’ll be fine. Firewood is first come first served from by GOD. It runs out quickly, so it will be less stressful to bring your own.

Crafting Tools
Had this question at the last event in GOD, lots of people craft on field, the field is full of sharp, unsafe things (like tent pegs! Don’t fall on a tent peg. Seriously). Never EVER take any of the tools to the battlefield. No really, don’t, even if they’re encased in lead and wrapped in the shroud of Turin. Just don’t. Same for axes. Everything on the field is your responsibility, keep it safe and away when not in use, and use it sensibly.

Weapons run from £30 for a knife to £150-200 for a detailed two hander/pike/mage staff. Wide range of qualities available. Check vendor web sites for prices before arriving at the field.
I don’t know about charging OC money for leather work. PD charge the vendors for being there, and if you’re eating into their business it might cause friction.

There are loads of other threads about going solo, joining existing groups, etc here on the forum. Dig through and find other advice!

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Hi there and welcome.
It is not first come first served in the IC field. If you are looking to camp IC you should talk to the person who organise the layouts. They can be found on your nations Facebook Page. They will allocate space for you. What nation are you thinking about?
The weather is weather and we have had an abundance of it at events. From -15*c with snow on the ground, Storms, Wind, Rain, A heat wave this E2 You do just need to expect it. Flooding isn’t a real issue although mud can be.

There are water taps around all the camps with drinking water, bring your own buckets, but you seem to know the general safety bits.
Its worth bringing some wood with you. You can’t rely on the dryness and amounts of wood available. Bring some logs for fire starting then move on the available wood.
Bring an axe, saw or what ever, just be careful about where you use it.

Crafting Tools

Yes, bring them and use them, just keep them away when you’re not using them. Theres no problem with having them if you want to use them.

Barbarian is a completely acceptable term for sterling and using a XXb to denote is standard. (Obviously no IC resource for cash)

Honestly that is up to you. What nation are you thinking of?
What kind of Game are you looking at getting into?
Going solo/ new group is fine. Take a look at the cross nation groups (The synod, The Conclave orders, hospital ect) for people interested in a certain subject. On your first event the line “I’m new to anvil…” is a universal greeting. There are loads of threads about joining groups with more details, have a poke around them.

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Hey, thank you for the reply some super useful information there :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the four of us are all planning to join Wintermark. There are a varied amount of interests in the group I’m not totally sure I’m generally interested in everything at the moment but will probably settle more certain on something after the first event, one person is interested in being a healer but also interested in other things, another one of our people really wants to do trading with food and drinks he has made and the last one is really interested in the battles fighting and being some sort of guard.
So all together we are all a very varied group.

Will look at getting in contact with the person who organises the layouts once I get the tent dimensions sorted out. Happy to hear we can probably IC camp :slight_smile: It was actually one of the aspects we were all really looking forward to :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the fast reply!

Having a different specialisation each will be super helpful for you, as you’ll need to find your own game out there in the field, as well as working towards a group goal.

But as you’ll see reiterated in most threads, have a goal. Have something that brings you together, a drive to find a thing or do a thing, so that you can drop all the fun distraction stuff when the important thing rears its ugly head.

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Unless they all go the ritualist route and create a big coven together…

I would class a coven as a group goal. But I found I couldn’t just sit all day trying to do group stuff in the coven. So having a side interest that draws you away into meeting other people and interacting with other stories is important.

My opinion, of course :slight_smile:

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We don’t really understand rituals and ritualists yet, so for the time being that’s not likely to happen :sweat_smile:

Thanks though! I will try get them all to agree on some sort of goal that ties us all together or just atleast something that ties the group together. Me and one of my mates are playing siblings, that is the reason our characters still hang around each other but the other two are still wishy washy on their characters, so don’t really have something that ties us to them yet but will try to think of something.

We will all probably think of personal goals closer to the time when we all become certain of our characters.

With regards to selling, I can’t recall ever seeing a player selling homemade items for barbarian money during play. Not that there’s any rule against it that I know of (nb. not PD staff) but, when everyone around you is charging IC, I suspect it might seem a bit weird.

I have seen people “sell” items online in advance (for example maps) and then collect cash at the event which tends to be less jarring than a sign with £ on it, so that might be a good compromise.

EDIT: I have been informed by another player that they have seen people selling for OC money, so I guess it may depend on how you feel about it!

Thank’s that’s good to know. I wouldn’t really go out of my way to sell stuff but just wanted to ask because people have come up and asked me if I would be willing to sell stuff at re-enactment events before (Don’t worry I know LARP and re-enactment are worlds apart :sweat_smile: )

Just wanted to check. I guess I would probably be better saying they can contact me outside of the event if they wanted an item. Didn’t want to do anything that was rule breaking :slight_smile:

Some people do sell stuff for OC money on the field - particularly things with significant material costs. It’s less common in people who are wandering around selling stuff but more common in people who are selling things out of their camps.

See for a few more details - if you don’t have an official trade pitch in the marketplace (which are in high demand and rarely become available) you are classified as a ‘peddler’ wrt the information here.


Ah, the page I couldn’t find! Thank you :slight_smile:

That is super useful info. Thanks!

I make a lot of leather armour and the like for Empire, and I generally sell things between events and people collect them in the field. The trick is to make really nice things for yourself, because people are likely to ask you where you got them, and then you get to do the selling thing. It works out quite nicely because you don’t have to spend your game-time being a shop.

My tactic when people ask about my armour/weapons/bucklers is to answer with a very unsubtle ‘I know someone who makes this sort of thing,’ (ie. my character knows me) and quietly make some comments about ‘the Book of Faces’.


Thanks that’s actually really useful and explains well!

That is probably what I will end up doing.
To refer people to websites and things then is the term “book of faces” commonly used for Facebook then?

I’ve heard it a few times in the field, which is how I picked it up. No idea if it’s universal.

Okay thanks, it’s good to try pick up on the lingo :joy: Means I don’t just stand there looking very confused when someone says something like that to me.

I’ve made myself a business card with my email address discreetly on the bottom, which I find a bit less jarring than that. It also saves faffing around while people find a pen :slight_smile:.

Actually yeah, that would probably be easier then trying to think of words for the internet without breaking character.
Thank you :blush: