Potion bottle phys-reps

I have an idea for a potion/potion bottle phys-rep that I’d like to run past people

A standard potion lammie (both the standard cards and the rip-on-use lammies) is 2.5 by 3.5 inches - call it 60x90 mm, rounding up

You can get 250mm PET bottles with a width of just over 60mm (e.g. http://www.spectra-packaging.co.uk/product/?refno=1089&bottleid=275)

Fill bottle with resin, adding pigments or accessories depending of the potion you’re “targeting” (so for the Sovereign Specific, it would be clear resin with a bit of glitter)

Dip lid in molten wax to look like a seal

Put an IC label on the front - get creative with design and wording

On the back, stick a paper “envelope” you can slip the lammie in, with just the tip peaking out

Result - a reusable, safe (if a bit heavy) phys-rep that looks like the potion in question and keeps the potion and lammie in the same place

So here’s my issue:

Epoxy resin would be prohibitively expensive - 250mm is a lot of epoxy
Polyester resin is a possibility, but I’m concerned that it might react badly with the PET - is there a materials scientist in the house?
Candle wax is an alternative, but I was really looking for something more translucent. On the other hand gel wax is looks like Sovereign Specific… and it can be tinted

Have I just solved my own problem?

Of course, I could side-step all of this by using PET bottles with the brown smoked-glass effect finish (like old medicine bottles) - perhaps filling them with water (for the weight) before corking and dipping the top in wax. But that just seems a bit easy. And it seems surprisingly difficult to get rectangular brown PET bottles. Unless I’m using the wrong terms when googling


Nowt wrong with easy if it is effective!

My solution was/is a cloth pouch with small bottles inside in different colours, and hidden in a pocket were the cards.

i think the poluyester will get too hot in a PET bottle and distort it, you could probably do a few passes to make a thin shell, and that would hols the shell and work on

That… is a really nice idea.
You could maybe look at UV resin. Mix it in with your required colour, pour it in. Hit it with a UV light and… done!
(Also if you colour it, the yellowing won’t show as clear resin is want to do over time)