To new players and those that have been sent on to the Labyrinth this is a recruitment thread for people looking for a new group to join.

If you are recruiting, place the name and nation of your group along with a brief description and a method of contact.

Good luck finding your new home!!

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Ill start then!

Im recruiting for a group in Varushka, known as the Vor’Azi of whom there are approximately 45 members. In particular its for my Vale, The Dark Hearts, in Karsk.

Ive been recently appointed Boyar and currently have no one else living in my Vale meaning all Varushkan types are required !

If youd like to play a schlakta, a warden, a priest or volhov or something of a mix, they are all possibilities.

Is this the group for me?
The group is about working together under a common set of in character ideals to achieve a common set of goals. Being a member of the order should be considered a calling for the character, not just a career opportunity. The characters should be following the orders ideals because they believe in them, not because they are “the rules”.
This is not to say everyone will always agree on everything. Ideals are open to interpretation and every character has their say in how the order goes about achieving its goals.

It is sort of a religious order (a Sect) with an Oath that outlines what the order believes in. Those beliefs resolve around the defence of their home vales, and in particular the children, from super natural threats of all kinds. Everything the order does is underlined by an unwavering pragmatism. Common sense always comes before tradition and they never shy away from making the hard choices. They have no time really for airs and graces and do not suffer fools and time wasters.

If you are interested in finding out more drop me a message on here or facebook ,

Thankyou for reading!

Grey Jackson.

House De Rondell in Dawn.

House interests: Politics and Military might and a large Night coven.
House Colours: Blue and Silver with heraldry being a large Gryphon orbited by three crescent moons representing Courage, Pride and Ambition.

We are pretty much always open to new recruits and if your concept is a not a great fit with us we are happy to suggest a House within Dawn that would suit your preferences. Our tests of mettle are without fail pretty challenging and can be quite lethal if Martial Glory is your main focus because IC and OOC we ascribe to the notion that achieving doom in a glorious pursuit is better than limping along in mediocrity.

Either PM me here or email


Halcyon Spire, Urizen, is open to new members!

Halcyon is an isolated spire in Zenith whose purpose is the care of people driven mad by magic. (No, not Twisting Shadows, the other one.) In play we’re a small group with a shared interest in roleplaying effects and the magic game, especially Day and Night rituals.

The group is loosely organised and is intended to give people somewhere to belong and the freedom to pursue their own IC goals. People can and do drop in and out, and we welcome short-term as well as long-term characters. At present there are just two of us, not counting friends and associates in other groups, but we’re very active roleplayers - one of us is Grandmaster of the Unfettered Mind and the other is Dean of the Lyceum. Come and say hello, and join the madness!

Why would you want to join?
[ul]]You want to be part of a group active in Conclave and in dealing with Eternals./:m]
]You want a base in Urizen from which to pursue your own ambitions./:m]
]You want a group with a loose organisation and the option of staying long-term or moving on after an event or two./:m]
]You decide which rituals you want to cast by looking at the roleplaying effects./:m]
]Your favourite part of every lineage brief is “They may degenerate into madness.”/:m][/ul]
Find out more here, and don’t hesitate to PM me if you’re interested!

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45 miles south-southeast of Elos, atop a storm-lashed and distressingly forested clifftop, the Spire of Shattered Art Reforged is the third spire on this site. The first one sank into a swamp^H^H^H was destroyed by rampaging Spring magic. The second one burned down, fell over and THEN sank into a^H^H^H was burned by Emperor Nicovar. But the third one has stayed for these past twelve years, and this one looks like a keeper. It’s a research establishment really, or it started that way, a bunch of crazies living in the upper levels of a clifftop spire that actively tries to kill anyone who lives there, where you can’t really do much below the treeline because of the omnivorous trees, where the cress seed you grow on your windowsill will sprout legs and come for you in the night. The spire was envisaged a hothouse for Spring research, and its mana sites are spectacularly productive, but certainly for the first few years there was basically nothing else - like a more permanent version of a field trip.

Then the population started growing. People started moving there as a fresh start - it’s got what you might consider a pioneer atmosphere - it’s possibly the Urizeni equivalent of a Wild West frontier town, a tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone else, except that no frontier town was ever bound together with such an oath of loyalty. And it seems to breed and attract strong personalities and strong minds, the kind of person who sees a young spire as an opportunity, a stepping stone on the path to power, a place to stand and place a lever to move the world. The recent changes in Arbiter - from a Seer to a Mage to of all things an Architect - have thrown a new kind of energy into the spire, and the political connections forged by the spire’s delegates to Anvil have transformed the spire’s economy.

Magically, the spire is a recognised centre for Spring studies, but there has been a strong insistence by both the outgoing and the incoming Arbiter that a proper Urizeni education includes at least enough of the lore of Day to understand the conversation at dinner.

Militarily - though at the moment OOC we have precisely one of them - the spire’s sentinel cadre, the Gardeners, are an elite group of paranoid, somewhat traumatised veterans with a habit of dragging people out of trouble.

Politically, the spire has a bit of a reputation for breeding forceful personalities - we’ve hosted the first Urizeni Warmage, a controversial and confrontational Senator, the Grandmaster who pretty much defined the Celestial Arch, and the loudmouth Archmage of Spring. There was a period where we were wondering if we’d have to recruit simply to have more people to hold Imperial Positions, but currently we’re down to two positions again.

Lineage wise, currently we have one briar - we encourage lineaged members and may be able to offer makeup assistance with some warning

Fiction (cw: hygeine paranoia and (brief mention of) suicide)

Why would you want to join?
Any or all of -
*]You liked my fiction and wish to subscribe to this ethos. They weren’t there, man, they weren’t there
*]You want to be part of a relatively loose, fairly hyperactive group with a reputation and political contacts both inside and outside the nation
*]You want a place to stand and a lever long enough to move the world, and a bunch of allies to drag into it
*]You’re interested in this whole Spring thing but don’t want to play Navarri
*]You’d like to see if Conclave is for you
*]You’re interested in power. Any kind of power, to be honest with you, the only place we might have trouble is the Bourse

Vital statistics:
Province: Redoubt
Symbol: Mawrig and Evrom runes just touching one another, in green on a tan background.
Kit: white, tan, brown, grey and green, but there’s an active avoidance of a uniform look: two examples are here … Ritual.png … aching.jpg
Delegation to Anvil: 6ish
Imperial Positions: Senator for Redoubt, Archmage of Spring
Specialities: Celestial Arch matters, Spring magic, scrying, being forthright and competent with the emphasis on the first

PM me or ChessyPig

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Group Name: The Netherwatch Delegation
Nation: Urizen
Province: Redoubt
Colours: Green sash

IC brief: Netherwatch Spire is a highly respectable spire close to Redoubt, Delving. Its primary function is to provide day rituals to assist the mining industries in that area, and to watch the stars. It offers a life of industry and quiet contemplation.

Understandably, some of its membership found that boring, and so formed a delegation to Anvil. The Arbiter-in-Anvil never ceases to be amazed at the tolerance and forbearance of the spire’s actual leadership, or the excellence of its membership. (Well, he sometimes ceases to be amazed, mostly when he’s too busy killing something in Spiral with a katana.)

OOC brief: We are a delegation consisting of a group of rag-tag (for Urizen) adventurers and assorted hangers on. We have a great deal of newer players, and do our best to make them feel welcome/unleash them on Anvil. We’re a new spire, but up for anything!

Every member is encouraged to take a rank in day lore, as it gives us something to do together (and rituals are fun!), but other than that we accept a wide variety of skill sets. Our current specialties are on-battlefield/martial focused day rituals, fighting, and trading; but we’re fine with other specialisms too. We also tend to work together towards rituals (comes with the territory), but leave members free to pursue their own agenda in other matters.

If this sounds like your style, then send me a PM or email wjdawson at hotmail dot com.


House Seren of Dawn.
Are you so desperate to belong to something that you’ll consider anything no matter how bad?
Do you want no involvement with up to 2/3 of the game?
Do you want to be so sub optimal that you’ll not use rituals, items or priestly stuff?
Do you want to work for a grumpy anti social aggressive boss who is hardly ever on the IC field?
Are you a non lineaged, non priest, non mage, non crafter?
Do you hate LARP?
Do you enjoy having a thoroughly miserable event?

If you can answer yes to the majority of those questions then House Seren of dawn may be the house for you. We are an unfriendly, magic shunning and miserable house able to offer you nothing advantageous in game. Our tests of mettle are known to be impossible (for any lineaged, mage or priest at any rate) We are well known for being deeply uninvolved with pretty much anything and we only let our members grudgingly go through the portal.
We do not encourage our members to become involved with plot or to have any detailed background in order to avoid being screwed over. Role play with other groups and individuals is severely discouraged.

So if this sounds like fun to you then please get in contact through here and if I don’t know you then I’ll probably ignore the message. Also seek help.

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The Printers Guild // The Pledge

League based “quality” press. Eyes bigger than our bellies. Need people to help us lick all the stuff.

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Carta Martello, of the League. We are a rambunctious and cheery group of smiths and warriors, keen on taking on new recruits. You don’t need to be an artisan or even a warrior to join, the only requirement is to like fun.

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Looking out across the Kallavesa Marshes, a cool southerly wind blows into the great timber frames of the hall of Mægenstede, sat lonely atop the hillside. Twilight gives the already tranquil marshes an almost supernatural glow, as the great cloaked stormcrow turns to shelter inside. The winds blowing across the marshes are made suddenly distant by the warm fire and scent of hearty food. But this is not a hall of drunken song, or tense military tactic; it is cheerful, but contemplative.
At the far table are two stormcrows, one Steiner, another Kallavesi, dressed more for the blazing hearth than the icy breeze, in a casual conversation regarding the finer details of the Hallow ceremony. Two foresters and a scop dine with yet another crow, who riddles the layfolk in the lessons of balancing wisdom and courage. It is a hall, in many ways as expected, but singularly focused, and every remark and action is considered in light of the Seven Virtues. The longhouse is filling; all of the Winterfolk of Mægenstede are joining for the evening meal. There is no sermon, or formal address, but every citizen has some enquiry or another of these crows, who patiently tend upon each question, occasionally deferring the deeper theological questions to those best read and researched on the matter.
As the meal concludes, the lay Winterfolk retire, and the stormcrows descend a stairway at the back of the hall. There begins the good natured, open and unreserved theological discourse that forms the heart of this community. Crows of all virtues debate the affairs of the moment in a large, hemispherical chamber, the domed ceiling carved with a thousand kinds of bird. The matters debated and thrown around are of the past, the future, and the present, of the soul and of the Synod, as they edge, a sentence at the time, closer to a true understanding of the human spirit.

Hey there!

I am currently recruiting for a new Hall in Wintermark with an intention of exploring the religious game, both in synod politics and pure theology, located in Sothern Kallavesa. There are currently three player characters, all stormcrows, but we are open and welcome to any character with an interest in the above. You don’t need to play a stormcrow, or have any particular skills; we’re in as much need of artisans and mages and apothecaries and everything else as any other group!

We are especially open to the inclusion of new players. I turned up to my first LARP without a group, and whilst I had a great time, my experience was massively enhanced once I joined one. I am thereby glad that I can advertise a group with broad, accessible aims, whilst having a core of people who know the system well and are excited to accommodate newer players and first-timers.

If you would like any further information, or have any questions at all really, please let me know, either by a message on Facebook (Anthony White) or the Forums (063whii). I look forward to chatting too you soon!

(To the Administrators - Sorry if this is thread necromancy)


House Drommond in Dawn, open to new members

This is in concept a house of Dawnish pirates/privateers. Think seafaring questing knights. We are dedicated to the virtue of Prosperity, in the following manner:

Some foreigners and barbarians have valuables. They don’t deserve them, they’re foreigners and barbarians. let us sail over there and take as much as we can off them, by force or by shrewd trading. Then we sail home and spend it all in the Empire. We are now poor. Repeat!

IC, we are based in northern Semmerholm, on the shores of the Semmerlak. Our colours are sea-green (which can therefore be anywhere from teal to dark green to dark blue to blue-grey) with silver/gold trim, our house insignia is a coiled silver sea serpent beneath a golden chalice.

Due to concept, we request that the taken personal resource is a fleet, but we can probably wrangle anything into backstory.

We have a rather nice but small IC tent, providing some presence on the Glory Square (the flagged area around which Dawn camps).

Currently 2 members, with 1 and a toddler joining next event.

We don’t tend to do a huge amount together IC, but this can easily change. Knights, artisans, politicos, mages, priests, and all manner of characters happily accepted. We do run slightly off-brief in that the nobles do their own trading (Prosperity!) so anyone playing a yeoman won’t get stuck as Seneschal unless they want to be.

Happy to have along new house members (nobles or yeofolk), new players to Dawn (including Knights Errant who may head off after a season or two) and new players to the Empire game, or to LARP in general.

If interested, drop me a private message, on here or on Facebook (Geoffrey Willoughby)

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I should probably do a proper write-up for the Spire of the Auric Horizon here - short version is, if you’re looking for a Spire of magical politicians (and political magicians) in Urizen, with a powerhouse coven and a solid line in dodgy Abraxianism, might be worth giving us a look :wink:

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Spring 2017
House Du Soleil of Dawn is recruiting, Yeofolk and Nobles alike are welcome to join us at the next meeting to see if you like us :slight_smile:
We are a small new house with currently 9 members, but not all can attend every event, so we are looking to recruit active players with all levels of experience, for most roles.
Contact Earl Roger (Dave Buttery) at dave…or LARP-House Du Soleil
You will be welcomed to our friendly and glorious House
Roger Du Soleil

I’m recruiting for a relatively new Dawnish house. We got started at E1 and the majority of our players died leaving us with only one Noble, and not many combatants.
We’re called House De Céleste and we have a slight Urizen background and we are trying to make a name for ourselves and make friends, as we’re fairly new ourselves we’re actively looking for more members for our little house, no matter what role you want to play, but people who want to play nobles are encouraged.
For more information email it find me on Facebook

Oliver Pawsey


Greetings. I can’t say much, but if you’re reading this and looking for something extra to add to your new character…something that spans across national divide and offers something a little more…:diras: and/or.:queros:… then email me: paul.giffney (at)
Obviously it is nothing illegal, nothing against the empire and nothing dangerous at all. No. None of that.


Hi Adam I am a new player planing for my first event to be in September 17 . I am going to be playing a Navarr guide priest. I will be with my wife sue who is going to play a healer. I would be interested in joining your group if you will be there at that time . Thanks.

I can’t figure out how I can send messages so Im just replying to your post. Are you still looking for new members for this group?
I am hoping to attend my first event in September and it would be awesome to find a group I could join.
Thank you,

House Fox

Faction: The Marches
Location: Mitwold (Any region is acceptable though)

A fairly small house led by Marn Fox, son of the recently deceased William Fox. Marn has recently been appointed head of the household due to a long held respect between the family and the lands they govern and protect. The house was left in a poor state after William, a prolific gambler and compulsive spender, William led the house into a financial slump. Upon William’s death the people who reside in Fox lands appointed Marn, William’s son, as the new Steward. Marn has managed to save the house from the debt of his father and the lands are somewhat prosperous compared to past years.

House Fox’s livery are a a dull red and grey, reminiscent of a Fox’s fur. The emblem is two foxes intertwined with each other (Pm for pictures)
A simple motto of: Strength and Guile lead our way

We are simply looking for characters of any skill or background to help expand our group, which we hope to grow to a large size. Anyone is welcome.

PM for questions or to join the House


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im still considering whether to take the leap and attend Empire or not. but i know that if i do i would like to be a Marcher and a Physick (mundane). i was wondering if you had any medics in your house that could use an apprentices? or if you could point me in the direction of anyone that dose.

meny thanks