Joining a hall in Wintermark


A small group of us are looking to make the September 2017 event our first at Empire (and at LARP in general!). We recently did a little research and it seems that Wintermark is the nation that would most suit what we would all like to play. Given that we are all brand new to this it would be great to be able to join an already established hall to see what it is all about and see what it is like to be a part of the Wintermark nation.

Is it possible to talk about the process of joining and how we get involved etc?


Everyone seems to go for Wintermark…

Anyway, there’s a lot of halls around, some actively recruiting, some not. Personally I’d be inclined to find a group in the event to make sure we got along well, but there’s some who would happily scoop you up now. New players are a commodity after all.

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Not Wintermark myself but there have been several threads about joining Wintermark recently.

If not just have a look around, and I’ll try my best to ask any questions you have. If you’re not to bothered about Wintermark (as although not identical there are similar styled nations). Then you can look at the other recruiting nations at the moment. But that’s more down to you and how set you are on Wintermark, and why you’re drawn to that nation.

Best of luck in finding a Hall (Urizen is always open) and if you need anything else I’ll try my best to answer