Sell me on... Dawn

We’re back on with our tour of the Empire for new players and today we’re talking about the glorious nation of Dawn. What would you tell new players to try and convince them to play in Dawn? What do you think is the coolest thing about the Dawn? What does the nation give you that others don’t? What are some of the interesting parts of the brief that people might miss? And what are some of the lesser explored niches in Dawn?

And please do post some cool pictures of Dawnish folk looking awesome as well :slight_smile:

How would you sell Dawn to a new player?

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Dawn is bright, bouncy, and flambouyant. We don’t do subtle, restrained, or particularly complex.

Dawn is a nation of loud primary colours; with Romance, Tragedy, and plenty of seeking after Glory! If you want to be loud, proud, and obvious, Dawn is worth a look.

Dawn features a lot of martial activities (duels, quests, battles), and a large wadge of non-combat stuff including bards, troubadours, confusing flowers, and courtly love. Not to mention the war witches (often Summer), the Priests (Courage and Pride are favourites), and an internal class system that pushes interactions, advancement, and a slightly different game at each level.

Personally, I love it for the “knights in shining armour” vibe, the bright colours, and the fearless, shameless nature of the nation.

While it might look like a nation obsessed with hitting things, there is ample opportunity, if you want something a bit different, for proud troubadours, dedicated priests, cunning war-witches and pretty much anything amongst the yeofolk.

Dawn is now quite a large nation, so while I can’t think of any unexplored niches, there will be plenty of folk willing to help with whatever you want to try.

Here are some shots of Dawn being awesome:

(apologies, I don’t have many shots of Dawn at peace)