Sell me on... The League

The four cities of the League are not for the faint hearted: they are smart, they are Loyal, they take names and don’t forget. They patronise the Arts, take dramaturgy to new heights, and wear masks to show their true faces.

So here’s your time, people of the League: sell me on your nation!

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We’re a vibrant nation of easily-underestimated people, with a certain sense of style which I think is easily mistaken for vanity. Join us if you are good at what you do and you want to look good while you are doing it. A member of the League will also never stab you in the back; we would much prefer you to know who destroyed you utterly and why kill a political enemy when you can watch their world fall down around them as you sip your wine?

Never underestimate the League on the battlefield though, because we are not pacificists; we have a small army, but a very effective one. Even with the mercenary companies siphoning off a number of fighters to march under foreign banners, the remaining League army has excellent leadership and deceptive skill.

Every city of the League is different though, so we also have a collection of slightly different sub-nations in some ways. We have the refinement of Sarvos, the hot blood of Tassato, and… some people from the Northern cities who smell a little funny, but we’ll defend them to the death if you look at them funny.

Join us if you want to keep a record of every debt, every insult, and see them repaid with interest. Join us if you want to define fashion and progress. Join us if you know who you are and take pride in it.


Whilst there is Drama and fashion in the League.

There’s also constant Business and Negotiating to get your way around the Empire!
You don’t have to play a Ball-gowning style character to enjoy the league! There is a lot of scope for the Goal orientated Larper as well!

Architecture (Both developing your own constructions as well as helping others build theirs!), Business Empires (Getting in the trade game building up your network of contacts whilst also helping others as they help you), Military stuff (Again with the Networking and strategizing with like minded individuals!).

Even the Information game that can encompass aspects of all different areas, which promotes an astounding amount of RP!

Temeschwar is great because we have a Haunted territory as well as a nice Snowy climate, with nice Rustic deep coloured wools and contrasting smaller bright colours!


My own group chose Tassato (Regario), as the hallmark of that city is debate and oratory. When it comes down to it, Empire is primarily a game about talking to other players - winning them over, firing them up, inspiring them - all that good stuff. To me that is a really good strand that can be used to influence whatever area of the game you want to play in. It encourages you to lean into a playstyle that is both fun and effective.

On a personal level, I play quite a martial character and that is rarer in the League than most places, so our combat block has a real vibe of being a tight team who get things done by fighting smart and working together. That is really cool to be part of and means a new player can quickly become a vital cog, rather than just another sword in the line.

Also, our national traditions are excellent fun, like Dead Reckoning to track all kinds of debts and favours, or the use of masks to adopt alternate personae. They give obvious handles to grab on to which can make it easy to get into character.


Temeschwar: A city on the GROW

Move to the city that epitomises the League’s ethos that Coin counts, and everything costs. We are the gateway to trade with the Empire’s Northern regions, and we have great Pride in the Prosperity that this brings. A true Temeschwari citizen knows that the most direct solution is often the best, and that an outcome is no less desirable because it is hard to achieve or requires sacrifice. So focused is the average Temeschwari on achieving their goals that few have time to make it to Anvil, so those that do come can have an outsized influence on the politics of the city!

A Temeschwari citizen will often find that the ostentation of Sarvos and Tassato is unsuited to its cold nights and overcast days, so much so that many accuse it of being simpler to achieve the look of a Leaguer from Temeschwar than from any other city. While that is not necessarily true, citizens may find that their barbarian coin* can usually go a little further when dressing like a Temeschwari, leaving more available for the furs and jewels that we dearly love.

Temeschwar is a veritable hive of industry, history, and culture! A casual visitor to Temeschwar will of course want to visit Lorenzo’s Great Game to try their luck at one of its many shining casinos, or merely take advantage of the fabulous hospitality shown by its inns and hotels, and of course businesses benefit greatly from the increased trade that this and the Blood Red Roads bring!

But there’s more to this city than the largest casino in the Empire! Temeschwar is a city of culture! The Bloody Great Theatre’s many and wonderful plays help to inspire Pride in our great city, and the liao groves around it are testament to the virtue the city shows.

Temeschwar, crime-free** for over 400 years.

*You know. £.
**For a given value of free, and a careful definition of crime.